Will ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Reach $100 Million This Weekend?

May 4, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

 May 1, 2014

Thursday Update: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 warranted a plain $8.7 million from late Thursday shows. Among new comic book movies, that’s an alleviation on Thor: The Dark World ($7.1 million), yet off from Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($10.2 million).

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This late-night entrance suggests that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will breeze adult roughly on standard with expectations this weekend. If it binds like Captain America, it will breeze adult with $81 million; Thor‘s pattern, on a other hand, would give it a entrance north of $100 million. Odds are that it ends adult somewhere in a middle: if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 binds like a final dual Summer openers (Iron Man 3, The Avengers) it will acquire around $97 million for a three-day weekend.

Forecast: The Summer film deteriorate kicks off this weekend with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that could measure a biggest opening nonetheless in 2014.

The supplement to a reboot crawls a approach in to 4,324 theaters, that is a one of a widest releases ever. It will be in 3D during many of those locations, and will also be personification on 353 IMAX screens.

The Spider-Man impression has had a illusory run during a box bureau over a past 12 years. All 4 cinema featuring a webcrawler have warranted over $260 million during a domestic box office, over $400 million overseas, and over $750 million worldwide.

Unfortunately, a franchise’s best days are expected behind it. Beginning with 2004’s Spider-Man 2, any new tour has warranted reduction than a prior one during a domestic box office: a 2012 reboot was off 22 percent to a franchise-low $262 million. If that entrance had been well-liked, a array could have stopped a draining there. While many appreciated a chemistry between a new leads (Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone), though, altogether reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man were so-so.

In an try to spin things around, there were a few pivotal changes finished for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. First, it’s softened a knave conditions significantly: dual new ones (Electro, Rhino) and one aged favorite (the Green Goblin) are a common step adult from The Lizard. The authorization is also returning to a initial weekend of May, where it formerly set opening weekend annals in 2002 ($114.8 million) and 2007 ($151.1 million).

Both of these equipment has drawbacks, though. For some, a engorgement of villains brings behind unpleasant memories of Spider-Man 3 (Sandman, Green Goblin, Venom). Also, Captain America: The Winter Soldier‘s considerable opening in Apr expected negates some of The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s scheduling advantage.

There’s also an augmenting clarity of authorization fatigue: do moviegoers unequivocally wish or need a fifth Spider-Man film in 12 years? To that end, some of a selling for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gives off a “been there, finished that” vibe. The most new poster, for example, facilities a categorical character, alone, dangling from a building unaware New York City. Minus a few sum that usually a many mindful fans will notice, it’s an picture that could simply have been grabbed from any of a prior outings. The categorical specifying evil is a tagline “His Greatest Battle Begins,” yet that would be some-more effective if pronounced conflict was shown in some way.

Making matters worse, a film appears to be a initial Spider-Man tour to get a “Rotten” nomination on Rotten Tomatoes (yes, even Spider-Man 3 was deemed “Fresh”).

With all of this in mind, what are The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s opening weekend prospects? It’s tough to review it to a final movie, that non-stop on a Tuesday and warranted $137 million by a initial 6 days. With disappearing seductiveness in a impression lately, it’s also astray to design it to compare Spider-Man 3‘s $151.1 million debut.

A improved comparison might be new comic book sequels Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Thor: The Dark World, that non-stop to $95 million and $85.7 million, respectively. Yes, Spider-Man is a some-more renouned impression than those two, yet a Spider-Man authorization lacks a fad that surrounding a Avengers series. An opening in that rangepossibly a bit higher, hopefully not loweris expected for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Even if it falls a bit brief during a domestic box office, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will expected make adult for it overseas. The film has already warranted over $155 million, and is set to enhance in to China, Brazil, France and India this weekend. In particular, demeanour for it to do large business in China, where a initial one warranted over $48 million notwithstanding opening on a same day as The Dark Knight Rises. Ultimately, it could breeze adult nearby a final movie’s $490 million total.

There are also dual notable singular releases this weekend. Fox Searchlight is opening well-reviewed regretful play Belle during 4 locations, where it should measure plain per-theater averages. Meanwhile, Focus Features is transfer Elizabeth Banks comedy Walk of Shame in to 51 locations with small fanfare. Any wish it has of throwing on is squashed by a fact that it’s receiving a day-and-date VOD release, that has been a genocide knell for melodramatic titles for a past year or two.

Forecast (May 2-4)

1. Amazing Spider-Man 2 – $91 million
2. The Other Woman – $13.6 million (-45%)
3. Captain America – $9.4 million (-42%)
4. Heaven is for Real – $9.3 million (-35%)
5. Rio 2 – $8.6 million (-38%)

Bar for Success

The initial Spider-Man non-stop to $114.8 million on this same weekend in 2002. With 12 years of sheet cost acceleration and a further of 3D premiums, it would be unsatisfactory if The Amazing Spider-Man 2 can’t come tighten to that figure. Still, we’ll cut it some slackanything above $100 million is excellent for this superhero sequel.

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