Who needs a ride-on mower when a ROBOT will cut your grass

June 24, 2014 - box office

Using blade systems to cut costs and whet efficiencies

Review In Dec final year a UK’s biggest DIY sequence started stocking a initial drudge lawnmower. That’s an violent time to try out grass-cutting technology, so we waited for Jun to get a correct demeanour during a latest in programmed high travel weed maintenance.

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Bosch Indego

Tennis justice need a trim? Bring on a Bosch Indego

The Indego Robotic Lawnmower comes in during £1,300, inclusive. That’s positively costly for a lawnmower – a same income would get we a simple ride-along mower – nonetheless it compares good with a other robots.

Flymo has a cheaper model, during £1,000, nonetheless that can usually cover 400sq metres compared to a thousand block metres of weed a Indego will cut. The rest of a container are extremely some-more expensive, and few of them are as crafty an Indego – nonetheless how intelligent does a lawnmower unequivocally need to be?

The initial drudge lawnmowers were utterly stupid, only bouncing off a sides of a garden and encircling with a rotating steel blade. Even difficult models design a pegged-down (or buried) handle to symbol a boundaries, and Indego has floating blades in a character of an electric strimmer, so won’t cut by a pegged wire (or paddling pools) that creates laying out a range most easier.

The mower does need a home plate, with mains energy and dual metres transparent in front and behind, nonetheless once set adult it sets out to travel a fringe and map a garden. Less intelligent lawnmowers don’t worry with this, and where a fringe handle runs alongside a wall one can only things it down opposite a stonework and let a lawnmower rebound off a walls, nonetheless a Indego won’t do that – it needs to be means to unit entirely astride a wire.

Bosch Indego

Blades of glory

Fortunately a pegged handle can simply be moved, and with a singular core it’s simply extended too, so a quickly-laid fringe can be shuffled into a corners as necessary, and all that comprehension does have some advantages.

The Bosch Indego battery will run for 3 or 4 hours, nonetheless that’s surprisingly insignificant interjection to that intelligence. When mowing a weed it’ll make a start, using behind and onward in neat rows – nonetheless not stripes, as it has no roller. Once a battery runs down it’ll conduct home for to recharge for a integrate of hours and afterwards lapse to a indicate where it left off, repeating a routine until a weed is finished.

It’s crafty nonetheless not that clever. When it gets stranded underneath a children’s slip it’ll close down as a wheels spin. Drag it out and it’ll start adult again, but, after orientating itself, it delicately earnings to a indicate where it got stranded and (if a deterrent is feeble shaped) quietly gets itself stranded again. Few obstacles will locate a Indego that approach – as it’ll rebound off anything coming a straight aspect – nonetheless when they do it can be annoying.

Neither can one take a Indego to a specific mark and get it to mow, as it’ll take a instruction and afterwards make a possess plans. That shouldn’t be a problem – so distant a Indego has not missed any pieces – nonetheless it contrasts with a less-intelligent brethren.

Bosch Indego

Tennis justice need a trim? Bring on a Bosch Indego

The floating blades are a good understanding safer than a planks of steel used by other lawnmowers nonetheless they don’t locate each blade or weed. Carefully surpassing in stripes is purposeless when there’s no drum to uncover off one’s punctiliousness.

A plain blade allows a mower to magnitude a slicing force required. The Indego’s prototype totalled blade speed and close itself down if a weed was too thick, or a pet’s leg was in a way. Indego’s floating blades don’t assent that; they won’t go by Fido’s leg or thick grass, nonetheless Indego will continue perplexing nothing a less.

The common timing options assent scheduled mowing, while a oversized primer is usefully upheld by an online guide. A PIN formula should forestall theft, presumption a thieves are wakeful of it.

The Reg Verdict

The Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower is crafty for a class, copes with some-more difficult gardens than a instructions would suggest, and is no some-more loud as any other electric mower. But it won’t give ideal stripes, won’t cut with a fibre of a complicated blade, and it isn’t as fun as roving around a garden on a unstable throne. ®

Bootnote Regular readers of El Reg competence remember a plan to design and build a possess grass-munching robot. Sadly my relocating on from The Register halted a execution of that project, so a seductiveness in blurb alternatives.

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