Which 2014 Movies Could Reach $1 Billion? (cont.)

April 9, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers

 April 8, 2014

Continued from “Which 2014 Movies Could Reach $1 Billion?”

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Godzilla (May)

Big-budget disaster cinema tend to pull outrageous crowds, and Godzilla is a code that resonates with tellurian audiences. Back in 1998, Roland Emmerich‘s Godzilla warranted $379 million worldwide; with a stretched unfamiliar marketplace and drastically aloft sheet prices, it’s tough to suppose this new film earning a penny reduction than $500 million. Still, even if it does twice as most business as final Summer’s Pacific Rim, it would still be good brief of $1 billion. Odds: 15%

Maleficent (May)

Back in 2010, Alice in Wonderland became one of a singular “original” cinema to acquire over $1 billion worldwide. Remodeling iconic fantasies in big-budget live-action form has given turn a vital partial of Disney’s strategy. Unfortunately, Oz The Great and Powerful warranted reduction than half as most as Alice in Wonderland, suggesting that movie’s success was an anomaly. Featuring a Sleeping Beauty knave as a protagonist, Maleficent is an even worse sell. Odds: 10%

Guardians of a Galaxy

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is massively popular, and has delivered dual $1 billion cinema in a past dual years (The Avengers, Iron Man 3). Guardians of a Galaxy has a really gossamer tie to those movies, and seems a bit too bizarre to turn a tellurian sensation. Still, never count out big-budget sci-fi: 5 years ago, who would have likely a film about Na’vi was going to acquire over $2.7 billion? Odds: 5%


Director Christopher Nolan‘s final 3 cinema have warranted over $2.9 billion worldwide. While dual of those concerned Batman, it’s definite that Nolan is a vital box bureau draw. His subsequent film Interstellar is now hidden in mystery, nonetheless it’s during slightest famous that it involves scientists attempting to transport by a wormhole in space. Assuming a film mostly delivers on a promise, it’s tough to suppose it earns most reduction than Nolan’s 2010 strike Inception ($825 million). Odds: 25%

Big Hero 6

Disney Animation is entrance off their biggest strike nonetheless in Frozen, that is staid to pass $1.1 billion in a subsequent week or two. The subsequent film from a animation residence is Big Hero 6, that will also advantage from a Marvel roots. Still, identical Disney Animation film Wreck-It Ralph non-stop during a same time in 2012 and couldn’t moment $500 million. Earning twice as most would be surprising. Odds: 5%

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