Video: McLaren P1 POV Ride-Along

April 3, 2014 - box office

Posted on 04.2.2014 16:00 by Ciprian Florea  

Few people can unequivocally means a supercar like a McLaren P1 , that is one of a reasons because a British manufacturer motionless to build usually 375 of them.

Sure, a $1.15-million hybrid sole out in a matter of months, a spirit that McLaren could’ve constructed more, though that doesn’t change anything — a P1 only wasn’t directed during a normal Joe.

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Most of us will never get to expostulate McLaren’s ultimate hypercar, that is firm to make a approach onto a prolonged list of forbidden, vast vehicles that already includes a Bugatti Veyron and a Ferrari LaFerrari . Sounds flattering depressing, huh?

Well, not exactly. The fact that we’re not means to toss income around when it comes to definitely costly cars shouldn’t stop us from enjoying and celebrating a supercar phenomenon. Who knows, maybe during some indicate we’ll be propitious adequate to get a shotgun float in a P1.

But until that happens, we’re here to turn a blade in your wounds with scarcely 3 mins of POV footage. The shave was shot during a Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome in a United Kingdom, during a supercar meet, and shows an orange P1 flexing a muscles on a true line adult to 175 miles per hour.

Need some-more salt on that wound? Then we should know that a propitious newcomer is an attendee that got a float of his life after winning a gift concession event. So start donating folks!

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