Tour De Colin, A Ride Along The Red Jacket Trail

July 23, 2014 - box office


When a object is out and a continue is nice, there is no improved time to get outdoors.

And what improved approach than to strike a bike trails.

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A route ferries bikers, runners, and walkers by a scenic route.

The Red Jacket Trail heads south of Mankato fast withdrawal behind a city.

Riders pass by Weagel Park and are greeted with an expanded perspective of Mount Kato.

Continuing on, a city fast becomes a apart figure noted usually by a H2O tower.

Until riders come opposite a Red Jacket Park by a Le Sueur River, where an aged steer stand now serves as an considerable channel for outside enthusiasts.

And views not to be forgotten.

The sensuous route afterwards continues for a few miles channel a few bridges until we come to a clearing and a city of Rapidan.

Where a organisation of bikers accommodate each other Wednesday to contest in a Isle of Mankato time trials.

Mike Busch, a organizer of a Isle of Mankato Time Trial, says, “It’s a 10K, or 6.2 mile course.”

“The Red Jacket Trail is good for families, protected for kids, each time we use it we feel like I’m a usually persona and I’m in a center of nowhere and it’s only a unequivocally neat sanctuary.”

Fields enhance to a setting along a county highway with shoulders far-reaching and trade light.

Leading to a bark of sound during a Rapidan Dam.

Bringing fisherman and families to a absolute sight.


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