The Ride Along: Tony Tchani Edition

April 8, 2014 - box office

The Ride Along

One of my favorite classes in high propagandize was an admittedly soothing one – Criminal Studies.  In this class, we talked about rapist proceedings, saw justification brought in from a internal military and had to urge someone in a ridicule trial.  But my favorite partial of a category was when we skipped category as partial of a class.  As a 17 year old, someone suspicion it would be excusable to let me float along with a military officer during his change covering my partial of city instead of going to school.  While a many furious thing to occur was a “loose dog in a neighborhood” call, it taught me about how pursuit shadowing can unequivocally assistance one learn a details and outs of someone’s profession.

The Player

I suspicion this judgment might assistance me improved know players on a Crew.  If we followed only one male for a whole game, we could unequivocally concentration on how that actor achieved in a given match, and start to know his subtleties.  Hopefully we find that interesting, too.  For a initial edition, we picked someone that some fans have been undone with over a past integrate years: Tony Tchani.  Tony’s flitting correctness has been on a downward arena given a initial game, going from 90% in DC to 77% opposite Toronto.  Daniel Paladini also looks to plea for Tchani’s purpose in a executive midfield.  That said, with a Crew’s success so distant this season, and with SDHC Berhalter’s new bargain comments, it’s anyone’s theory as to how a executive midfield will be staffed in a weeks to come.

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From a camera angle perspective, following Tony isn’t terribly difficult; he plays in a center of a margin and is 6’ 4″.  Still, I’d like to take a notation to publicly run for a “Tower Mode” on MLS Live, in that a still camera angle is accessible to viewers on any broadcast.  This would be useful for those of us perplexing to know what happened tactically in a game.  Additionally, cruise about what a illusory educational apparatus it would be for coaches or players looking to improved know a sport.  Tower Mode – Let’s do this, MLS Live!

Fasten your chair belts; It’s time for a float along.

The Game

1’ – Corner kick.  The Crew typically put possibly one or 0 guys on posts; in this case, zero.  Not how we would do it, though whatevs.  TFC attempts wily set play on dilemma in that DeRo loses Wil Trapp and curls from 3 yards in front of idea to about a chastisement spot, where a round drops in perfectly.  Mis-hit. Tchani went from not covering anyone to carrying Bradley on tip of him.  Play was divided from him.

4’ – First hold of a game.  Tchani takes wily round out of a air, and with Bradley on his behind and Bekker coming directly from a front, skilfully flicks round into space and evades both players.  Within another step or dual he hands a round off to Higuain.  Well done.

4’-7’ – Staying concerned in play, ancillary a Crew’s high-possession character by staying in front of Higuain.  Crew could have been avoiding Bradley, who was occupying a same area of a park, though Tchani’s touches here were quick, fit and brief passes.

7’ – After conditions with Higuain and Anor doesn’t work out in that Tchani had pushed forward, TFC counters.  Tchani not accurately on his equine to get back, though Crew have adequate coverage and implement Tchani in opposite of their own.

10’ – Bad clearway by Gonzalez leads to method in that Bradley loses Anor and Trapp, evades Parkhurst and scores during a crazy angle on Clark.  Tchani’s culpability: none.

14’ – First giveaway.  Was double-teamed by DeRo and Bradley. Not accurately a felony.

16’ – Well-threaded pass directly adult margin to Higuain.

17’ – Gets flog by Bradley as MB creates run to goal, though luckily he mis-kicks it.

24’ – Shields round good from Bradley, sends to Anor who starts a attack.  Then wins tainted only over midfield.

25’ – Higuain’s chip into a box doesn’t seem to seductiveness a 6’ 4″ midfielder.  Same thing happens a notation later.  Why not?  Is Tchani inexperienced during headers?  Dude is tall; this should be a strength.

28’ – Called for tainted dueling for TFC idea kick.  Good, assertive work.

28-30’ – Three times partial of a clever build from a Crew.  Starting in a back, many passes were strung together and resulted in a close-range try on goal.  Ends with Tchani committing another foul, this time removing his arms wrapped around DeRo, who quick lots a ability to mount up.

33’ – More only transformation during a tip of a box as a Crew take a corner.

34’ – Fantastic ability displayed along a endline, escaped defenders and eventually sketch a tainted in a unequivocally dangerous area.

36’ – Misplayed channel pass in a aggressive section formula in a turnover.

38’ – Bradley again flies past Tchani, scarcely gets indicate vacant attempt.  Tchani eventually clears a round off a cave preserve and into Berhalter’s head.  The unflappable manager was somewhat flapped.

40’ – Non-Tchani-Related: Josh Williams TOTALLY one-footed a chuck in and got divided with it.  Weird.

42’ – Slots another pass directly forward, that directly leads to good aggressive event and dilemma flog for a Crew.  Ensuing dilemma flog again finds him nowhere nearby a final ball.

43’ – Attempted clearway adult a line goes far-reaching and out of bounds.

45’ – Pass to Higuain intercepted.

51’ – Play function all around him, Tchani follows with his eyes and a delayed jog.

52’ – Stunts opposite conflict prolonged adequate for teammates to get behind into position.

55’ – Crafty play by Tchani as he slips by Bradley and sends round to Josh Williams.

61’ – Bad giveaway nearby fortifying third is luckily not punished.

62’ – Wins prolonged idea kick.  This seems to be a loyal strength of Tchani’s.

65’ – For maybe a 3rd time in a game, Higuain dribbles past Tchani with a ball.  Often this formula in Tchani pulling a Soul Coughing, with a “Move aside and let a male go through” move.

66’ – Find a round during his feet during a 20-yard spot, drives a bullet towards idea that needs to be pushed out by Cesar.

72’ – Jumped and incited when he suspicion Mark Bloom was about to shoot.  Bloom slips a elementary pass forward, ensuing in a indicate vacant shot on Steve Clark.  Jumping in sequence to retard a shot is a pet peeve of mine; that should be out of a player’s complement by now.

74’ – Subbed out for Arrieta.

Final Thoughts

After spending this peculiarity time with Tony today, we feel a bit closer to bargain a conundrum that is a Crew’s possess TT.  First, being 6’4″, a dude glides around a margin and doesn’t seem to frequently… run.  He’s not explosive. Now, I’m not observant that he doesn’t work hard, or even that he’s not fast.  As many Buckeye football fans know, Terrelle Pryor never seemed to demeanour like he was branch on a jets, even during a full sprint.  It’s only how some guys run.  That said, Tchani seemed to miss a torpedo instinct nearby a goal.  On dilemma kicks, he wasn’t fighting for positions or winning headers.  I would cruise that a Crew could unequivocally advantage from Tchani removing on a finish of some Pipa or Anor-driven dilemma kicks.

Another suspicion that we had going into a diversion was that many of Tchani’s passes went backwards.  Against Toronto, about 1/3 did, with many of a other 2/3 going forward.  When Tchani’s passes went directly forward, it roughly always resulted in a transparent aggressive opportunity.

Third, Pipa and Tony need to go out for coffee and figure out how to not land on tip of any other so often.  I sympathize with anyone charged with carrying a soccer mind that moves as quick as Higuain’s, though avoiding situations where Tchani freezes in sequence to let Pipa slip by would give a Crew additional enemy during any turn.

Finally, we can tell from a diversion records that Tony’s categorical aspirant in a Toronto diversion was Michael Freakin’ Bradley.  I’m not certain we could collect a worse assignment in MLS.  Did MB fly past Tony a few times?  Yep.  Did any of those times lead directly to a goal?  Actually, no.  I’d cruise that a personal feat if we was #6.  While no Crew actor will feel confident after a loss, Saturday’s opening by Tchani wouldn’t be one that we would cruise warrants an evident change of course.

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