The Ride Along: Hector Jimenez Edition

April 28, 2014 - box office

The Player

Hector Jimenez has positively done a dash in Columbus given fasten a Crew in January.  Only 7 games into a season, Jimenez has played scarcely each minute, scored a game-winning idea and has tallied dual assists.  Slotting in during a Right Mid position in Sporting Director/Head Coach Gregg Berhalter’s new complement compulsory a change in personification style, though Hector seems to have blending nicely.  Still, we wanted to get to know his skills a bit more.  What improved approach than to petiole him for 90 (or in this box 76) minutes?

Grab a Big Buford and your favorite beverage: It’s time for a float along.

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First Half

1′ – The Red Bulls’ kickoff goes far-reaching to Roy Miller on their left, definition Hector is immediately called into duty.  With a rapid few steps, he army Miller to possibly pierce to a sideline or pass it behind offer into New York’s defense, that he does.

For those of we roving along during home, Jimenez is #12 and is wearing yellow highlighter boots.  He’ll be using conflicting a Costa Rican general (#7) in invulnerability and Michigan local Eric Alexander (#12) in a midfield.  Behind him as common for a Crew will be Josh Williams (#3).

2′ – Williams and Jimenez joining already.  A Roy Miller throw-in goes right to Williams, who quietly heads it to an open Jimenez.  Hector  also attempts a header pass to Tony Tchani (#6), though a pass is a bit off a symbol and is collected by Dax McCarty (#11).

As a play moves to a conflicting side of a field, Jimenez immediately pinches in to stay within 15 yards or so of his closest teammate, Wil Trapp (#20).  The Crew’s possession-style diversion depends on short, discerning and high-percentage passes that customarily stay on a ground, so this compress positioning is key.

4′ – A misjudged round by Columbus’ behind line opens adult an event for a Red Bulls on a Crew’s right side.  Hector outlines behind to help, relocating to double-team a New York assailant with Wil Trapp.  In doing so, however, he chose to leave Peguy Luyindula (#8) far-reaching open 25 yards out.  Peguy receives a successive pass, though his schross goes harmlessly to Crew goalkeeper Clark’s feet.

(By a way, a prolonged round that started this array for New York totally skipped off “uninvolved” Thierry Henry’s (#14) back.)

5′ – With a round again on a conflicting side of a field, Williams pushes adult a wing and Jimenez moves to a executive midfield.  When Williams receives a ball, Jimenez, totally out of a normal position and defenceless creates a erratic run that customarily a Red Bulls’ behind line is tracking.  Didn’t work out, though flattering stuff.

6′ – Jimenez goes behind to a good with another erratic run to a SW flag, this time being served by Williams.  Great run to space and successive cross.

7′ – Jimenez only dummied receiving a pass from Trapp that went directly to Williams.  Wow.  That’s a lot of bargain between a players, and looks bad donkey when it works out.  Williams’ cranky was damaged adult by Miller.

Later in a 7th, Hec (need to start nicknaming a dude or this is going to get boring) has difficulty receiving throw-in from Williams, is double-teamed and loses a ball.  He afterwards continues to lane a Red Bulls actor from behind, operative with a concentration Crew fortuitous of 4 to recover possession.  I adore this kind of effort, generally critical for a group whose character is formed on carrying a ball.

9′ – With Columbus fortifying a near-side corner, Jimenez sits during a tip of a box.  Corner does not outcome in a shot.

10′ – Higuain (#10, though we knew that) wasn’t saying most of a ball, so he was tracking behind in a executive midfield.  Meram, Jimenez and Pipa bond on a good array of one-touch passes that scarcely springs a one-on-one possibility for Arrieta.

Side note: Gonzales (#5) carrying an awful start.

11′ – Jimenez’ heel click to Williams is another instance of their low understanding.  Josh’ cranky again doesn’t work out.  Later in a 11th, a pitch and skip on an around-the-leg pass to Pipa.  Doesn’t work out, though it wasn’t attempted in a place that could unequivocally harm a Crew.

12′ – Pass from Trapp scarcely too distant for Jimenez to reach, though he stretches only distant adequate to daub it out to an open Josh Williams.

17′ – Something I’ve beheld a behind line do this year after Clark gets a ball… Wil Trapp drops to a executive defender position, and Parkhurst and Gonzalez separate out wide.  This allows Williams and Francis to pull upfield and afterwards conflict formed on that side a round ends up.  The risk is fewer defenders, a prerogative is a intensity overkill of Crew players in a attack.  As I’ve pronounced before, all good and good so prolonged as everybody is profitable courtesy and people dispatch behind in box of a counter.

18′ – Corner flog for a Crew on Jimenez’ right side.  Hector positions himself in New Albany to start a kick, rushes into a conflict unmarked.  Probably a set play, though Jimenez seems to go unmarked for a lot of a game.  That customarily means he creates intelligent runs.

20′ – Hector creates run on left side, though Meram has round stolen from him.  On conflicting side of field, Henry and Alexander mount open and frustrated.  Jimenez hustles behind and outlines them.

22′ – Next Crew dilemma flog finds Hector again distant divided from a action.  At 5’9″, they contingency have figured he’d offer a group improved personification a Rumpke man than in a mix.

23′ – MSG announcer claims that a Crew kick New York in 2008 for MLS Cup in “this unequivocally stadium.”  That didn’t happen, though we wish it did.

24′ – Emmy Award-winning broadcaster Steve Cangialosi corrects himself.

26′ – Jimenez creates run distant forward, though in-the-penalty-box header from Trapp (wait, what?) goes over a endline.  (Trapp and Pipa switched spots briefly)

27′ – Series of work with Williams and Trapp finds Jimenez stranded behind a play a bit after Williams loses possession.  Josh carrying a tough game, and it feels like if I’m roving Shotgun, he’s in a backseat.  These dual players are trustworthy during a hip.

33′ – Deft 2-touch pass to Williams and a intelligent run following it adult are squandered with another bad pass from Josh.

34′ – Bombs a 50-yarder to Meram (#9), afterwards hustles into a core of a park… again totally unmarked.  Hector ends adult removing a good demeanour from 20 yards out on his left, though his strike isn’t purify and it goes far-reaching of goal.

37′ – Continues to splash in when possible, though this time Higuain sends a round his way, though past him into space.  Speedy Jimenez catches adult to a pass, criss-crosses a conflict with another prolonged pass to Meram.  Bummer, since a elementary and some-more dangerous pass would have been to Arrieta, who was curling a run directly past Roy Miller and onto goal.  Hector’s conduct was down right as Jairo started his streak.

38′ – Jimenez creates same run behind Miller that Arrieta only made, though this time a pass is done (from Williams).  Jimenez’ cranky is to Meram, who earns a PK.  PK support to Hector.

40′ – Berhalter only leaned down and lent a palm to a depressed (and sideline crashing) Josh Williams.  Both kinda popped adult with some zest, and G3 gives a bit of a adore daub as Josh ran behind into a game.  Dude cares.

41′ – Hector churned adult off a ball, goes down with a right leg injury.

43′ – Jimenez plays a prolonged Icarus cranky (too tighten to keeper); not followed by Meram.

44′ – 70-yard scurry by Hector reserve a conflicting with copiousness of options, though Trapp’s pass to him ends adult negligence down a attack.

45′ – Skillful one-touch pass to Pipa is one of Hector’s final play of a half.

46′ – Bradley Wright-Phillips (#99) take out Higuain like something I’ve never on Pipa.  BWP was pissed b/c Williams only took him out.  Yikes.

47′ – Hector sneaks to a outward of Miller, creates run that Josh is examination for, gets a pass and attempts one final cranky during a finish of a half.

Second Half

49′ – Titi totally only grabbed his junk.  Started as a intensity discerning “stuff” adjustment, and changed into a full-on thumb-to-fingers rogering.

51′ – On defensive corner, Hector again stays during a tip of a box.  Seems to have an hatred to a chastisement box.  Even his idea conflicting DC was only during a corner of a box.  Later in a 51st, cunning outward of a feet play opens adult a Crew counter-attack.

53′ – Jimenez attempts a prolonged plane round to Meram that ends adult curling too distant behind into a Crew defense.  Quiet initial 10 mins for Hector.

55′ – Short operation one-touch to an approaching Williams helps fuel a intelligent method of discerning passes that ends in a good demeanour for Arrieta.  Right after a pass, Hec curls around a defender and gives nonetheless another choice to a offense.  Always relocating into space, this guy.

61′ – Waylon “Don’t call me Jennings” Francis (#14) rips a wire of a cranky towards a rushing Jimenez, though round goes too prolonged and out of play.  Hec’s initial genuine aggressive run this half.

63′ – One-touch to Pipa simply intercepted by McCarty.

64′ – McCarty’s pass to Luyindula intercepted by Jimenez.  Hec one-ups him with a bit of a juggle-pass that leads a Crew attack.  I SEE YOUR SCHWARTZ IS AS BIG AS MINE!

65′ – MSG announcers discuss Trapp as someone “you could see in a review for Russia 2018”.

66′ – Jimenez not concerned in Red Bulls’ goal.  Everyone was marked, though BWP’s sublime play was adequate to best Josh Williams.  Rough night for #3.

68′ – Oduro entrance on means Hector goes to a left.  Will now be operative with Francis behind him.

71′ – Jimenez’ pass to Francis as a defender overlapped down a touchline is not a unequivocally good one, forcing Francis to strike a round during a some-more formidable gait and angle than necessary.  Attack is lost.

72′ – Then Hector goes and totally redeems himself.  A discerning switch of fields gives Jimenez lots of space on a left, and he takes a event to route his conflict by marching right during Kosuke Kimura (#27).  Hec gives him a rollover and a double scissor before chipping a ideally dangerous cranky to a distant post.  That was cool.

76′ – Jimenez subbed for Ethan Finlay.

Final Thoughts

Watching Hector pierce and work via a game, we unequivocally got a clarity of how most is asked of both a wing mids and fullbacks.  To me, this is a heart and essence of a New Crew system.  I also consternation who would step into this purpose if Waylon Francis ends adult going to a World Cup with Costa Rica and misses 6 Crew games in May and June.  Other teams will also be

Hec’s strengths, in this diversion during least, were his intelligent runs and positioning and technical sharpness.  Only on a integrate occasions did he give a round away; in many some-more cases, he was spurring a Crew attack.

Jimenez’ categorical debility is a miss of nickname.  At least, one that we know of.  So, we asked a Internets.  Of course, a illusory answer fast surfaced.  Well, maybe a illusory idea celebration- a Jumping Jellyfish.

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