Smith: Retiring accountant starts ‘long, furious ride’ on interest of MS

June 2, 2014 - box office

HUNTINGTON BEACH – His workdays for a past 42 years have been spent indoors, during a desk, estimate and calculating for a sovereign government, infrequently spinning his wheels.

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Ed Osuna has been an accountant budgeting his wanderlust.

He will retire in Dec from his La Mirada-based pursuit as a Western informal apparatus manager for a Defense Contract Audit Agency, that provides cost accounting and financial advisory services for a U.S. Department of Defense.

But before this supervision worker does his final checks and balances, he will take leave for a subsequent 61 days to change his life – on a dual spare highway tires of his black Trek Madone SL 5.2 on a 3,785-mile bike ride.

Osuna, 63, of Huntington Beach, a mustached male who looks to trim a fat out of a inhabitant budget, is going to pedal opposite a swell of America.

Sunday, substantially before a object comes adult on this coast, he will drop his front tire in a Atlantic Ocean, nearby Yorktown, Va. Then he’ll pedal west by 9 states to a rite tire drop in a Pacific Ocean nearby San Francisco.

He’s doing this Bike a US for MS TransAm float to lift recognition and during slightest a dollar a mile for mixed sclerosis research. He has collected scarcely $3,900 in donations to find a heal for this illness that affects a executive shaken system.

He is a oldest of a 24 riders on this cross-country journey. Most other cyclists, including San Clemente proprietor and Cal State Fullerton tyro Svetlana Weisen, are college-age.

Most 63-year-olds would take this outing in a RV, a suspicion that drives Osuna in doing this.

He wants to infer that he can.

A lifelong contestant who has finished biathlons and scurry triathlons, he has always sought a earthy challenge. He craves adventure. He relishes being outward and free, evading a proportions of an office, a highlight of deadlines and a weight of a workload.

“I know we competence sound like a crazy male on a bike,” Osuna said, laughing, as he packaged Wednesday night. “You’d get it if we knew what happened.”

In May 2013, Osuna went to a gym, Los Caballeros Sports Club in Fountain Valley, and felt “something wrong,” he recalled. He didn’t wish to work out, didn’t wish to move.

He went home to his wife, Donna, and motionless to go to Hoag Hospital.

“You’re carrying a heart attack,” a alloy told him, startling a male who had been fit and healthy all his life.

He had a stent put in and was out of a sanatorium a subsequent day. But he also started meditative about his mankind and shortly motionless that he wanted to do something large – bigger than a triathlon.

He suspicion about roving opposite a country. His dentist, John Evans, suggested he float for a means other than his own. The initial Google hunt returned

In November, Osuna began training for a ride, that covers from 42 to 97 miles a leg. He started daily rides during 5:30 along PCH, roving from San Clemente to Oceanside and back.

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