Sex Jokes With Kevin Hart Are Easy, According To Tika Sumpter

April 22, 2014 - box office

tika sumpter

tika sumpter

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Actress Tika Sumpter had her work cut out for her when she stepped into a behaving ring with comedian Kevin Hart…not since it’s her initial behaving gig (she’s warranted her behaving chops by films like “Sparkle” and “Think Like A Man”), though since no one is free from Hart’s off-the-wall improvs and waggish jokes.

Tika and Hart common a shade in “Ride Along,” a stupid and interesting take on a military float along. In box we haven’t seen it, it’s flattering freakin’ funny.

Kevin and Tika have extraordinary chemistry that radiates by their comedic performances. “Ride Along” is on DVD now though while your watchful for your vid to ship, check out what Tika to us about her and Kev’s unwashed sex jokes.

HelloBeautiful: Did it ever get ungainly when we and Kevin were doing a sex jokes?

Tika Sumpter: It didn’t get ungainly with him. That’s called going for it and not caring, so people can suffer a laugh. That’s what we did and it was unequivocally humorous to be in a entertainment and watch and see a greeting of people. They unequivocally enjoyed it. It was all value it, it wasn’t ungainly to me during all.

HB: What were one of those improv moments when we weren’t ready?

TS: Hopefully, you’ll get to see it on a DVD. we consider there are some wisecrack reels, some extras, there’s also an swap ending. I’m vehement for people to see, though there’s one in a kitchen where we only kept going and we only kept sarcastic behind and onward and it was like we were a genuine couple. It was so fun. It’s always fun with Kevin. He’s such a veteran and we feel like we schooled a lot from him during that time. But, it was bantering.

HB: How did we ready for your purpose and carrying to be around someone as humorous as Kevin Hart?

TS: I’m always a partner and a lady who tries to do a right thing, though don’t disaster with her since she will flog your butt. we was lifted by relatives who really prepared me for a universe and though we have some-more siblings. It’s only me and Cube in a movie, though in genuine life we have some-more siblings. To prepare, it’s like, once we get on set, we competence as good chuck your credentials away. Kevin Hart does a lot of improv and we never know what’s gonna happen, so, we theory as an actor of trainings, only meaningful a impression and meaningful what we wish to contend regardless no matter what’s thrown during we afterwards anything can come out that we wish to. we don’t know if that’s too many actor talk. It’s only meaningful your impression and being means to consider on your feet regardless.

HB: What do we consider are people’s biggest misconceptions of you?

TS: When they come adult to me, they’re like, “Oh my gosh, you’re so nice.” That always surprises me since I’m like, “I am good (laughs)”. So, we always ask them, “did we design me to scream during you? What did we expect?” and they’re like, “No, not everybody is really nice, ya know” and we locate people during opposite moments, though for a many part, we consider I’m a good chairman and we acquire everybody with open arms when they see me to contend hello.

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Check out a trailer:

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