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April 15, 2014 - box office

The Nut Job


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It’s got articulate animals, a luminary voice cast, and a tub of slapstick yuks, though The Nut Job unsuccessful do many of anything with all that. Will Arnett lends his gravelly inflections to Surly, a misfit squirrel outcast from his park village of furious critters after an attempted peanut transport burglary goes awry. Left to deflect for himself, Surly happens on a rapist tract to sack a bank and leave nuts in place of a cash, and, with a assistance of some friends, he plots his possess heist to scrape a nuts. Based on a brief film called Surly Squirrel by executive Peter Lepeniotis, The Nut Job drew groans from many critics, who found Surly too unlikable a impression and a film’s story a paper skinny mock-up of a source element that wears out a acquire sincerely quickly. At 11% on a Tomatometer, this is one for a simply entertained small ones, though substantially no one else.

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