Riding along on Metro’s new 7000-series is like Kings Dominion for movement nerds

May 23, 2014 - box office

From a mid-1970s, when Metro was born, by 2008, a group bought 6 batches of rail cars, a sum of 1,134 cars, scarcely all of that are still in service. The oldest, a 1000-series, dates to a opening of a subway, and newest, 6000-series, arrived a decade ago. Notice how all a cars some-more or reduction demeanour a same, regardless of age? That’s given Metro wanted cultured consistency. It also wanted any new collection to be mechanically identical to a batches that came before, so that cars of opposite ages could be joined together in trains. But progressing automatic harmony meant tying technological upgrades as any new collection came off a public line.


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Now, finally, Metro is about to start phasing out a aged cars in preference of a new generation, a 7000-series. These cars are so advanced, they will run together as apart trains, never coupling with a stream fleet. Sixty-four of a new 7K cars are due to be in use by summer 2015, and 748 by 2018. One set of 4 7K cars has been undergoing tests on Metro marks given a start of a year. Tuesday morning, we went along for a ride.



















source ⦿ http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/dr-gridlock/wp/2014/05/21/metros-new-7000-series-is-like-kings-dominion-for-transit-nerds/

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