Ride on Curlin tutor likes chances in Belmont Stake’s prolonged stretch

June 6, 2014 - box office

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use limited to low res record max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiCorey Sipkin/New York Daily News Ride on Curlin (l.) will try to repudiate California Chrome a Triple Crown.

A tough sleet fell on Barn 26’s white tin roof during Belmont Park while Billy Gowan, a tutor from Louisiana’s Catfish Country, was heading his dim brook colt, Ride on Curlin, out of Stall 9. It was 7:10 Thursday morning, and a vanquish of cameramen were fussing and photographing Ride on Curlin’s neighbor, California Chrome, a 3-5 favorite to explain Saturday’s Belmont Stakes and a Triple Crown’s final jewel. Gowan smiled politely, meaningful Ride on Curlin had some throwing adult to do. Trainer and racer walked quick by a barns adult until a concrete skirmish to a paddock. A confidence guard, wearing a prolonged yellow raincoat and fluttering a stop sign, systematic Gowan to halt.

Gowan, a user of a four-horse fast behind in Shepherdsville, Ky., grimaced underneath his thick mustache. His wife, Tracy, and 12-year-old daughter, Alicia, looked up. Gowan reached into his right jeans slot and pulled out his trainer’s permit card.

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“I sight this horse,” he said.

The ensure nodded, ceding a trail to a Gowan’s group. Gowan shook his head, afterwards done his approach into a stands to watch Ride on Curlin’s examination on a soppy track. He favourite what he saw from start to backstretch, welcomed a two-thumbs-up capitulation of a co-worker and done his approach behind to a barn, one case and dual wooden walls down from California Chrome. He grinned during a vicinity to success, meaningful a opening between a dual colts had shrunk recently, what with a seventh-place finish for Ride on Curlin in a Kentucky Derby and second in a Preakness 3 weeks ago. Ride on Curlin was gaining.

“Well, they contend keep your friends tighten and your enemies closer,” Gowan said.

No equine and his connectors have had a improved perspective of a day-to-day buildup of California Chrome during a Belmont. Their grooms sell tips, a horses hang their heads out from a stalls and sell glances. There are no words, naturally, though Gowan believes they know physique language. The humans watch out for any other, too. Gowan’s daughter “looked like a soaked rat” in a rain, according to her mother, and so it was that Alan Sherman, partner tutor for California Chrome, gave her a blue jacket. Still, notwithstanding a intercourse among rivals, Gowan, navigating his approach by his initial Triple Crown, kept his courtesy lerned on his colt. Eric Donovan, a Belmont oddsmaker, has Ride on Curlin during 12-1. Gowan likes his chances over a mile and a half.

“I suspicion all along this competence be (Ride on Curlin’s) best distance,” Gowan said. “He never unequivocally quits, so if California Chrome finds that prolonged widen tiring, we’ll be using during him.”

Forever in California Chrome’s rearview, Ride on Curlin is famous to get hot. California Chrome’s some-more laid back. Gowan wants his equine to mangle purify from post 5 in a eighth competition Saturday, and he scholastic his colt again Thursday. His worries are few for now. He’s schooled how to draft a Triple Crown course, though stays a singular tutor privately walking his equine around a barn. There they were again Thursday, a tutor and a racer trailing a favorite in a quiet. The cameras were all gone. Gowan counted off a laps, afterwards left his equine in a stall.

An armed “peace officer” checked on California Chrome and his connections. Gowan, meanwhile, chewed on breakfast brought by his mom from a kitchen opposite a grounds. It was a ham, egg and cheese sandwich on an English muffin. His usually censure was a miss of Southern cooking.

“I can’t find any forage adult here,” he said.

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