Ride-along with benevolent investigators during a SPCA for Monterey County

January 23, 2015 - box office


Tuesday NewsChannel 5 was on a front lines of a bid to save animals from dangerous situations.

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It’s not a pursuit that suits everyone, though for Cecilio Lozano being a benevolent officer during a SPCA for Monterey County usually comes naturally.

“It’s usually a ideal pursuit for me. we adore it.  we adore a investigations, we adore animals. So this is where we am and this is what we adore to do.”

Lozano’s pursuit is not always easy, “We usually dont know what form of calls we’re going to get. We always try to be prepared. We try to assistance all these animals. If we have to, we have to rescue them and move them to a SPCA.”

One of Lozano’s initial stops of a day was on a hinterland of Prunedale.  we wasn’t a initial time Lozano had visited this home; final month he perceived an unknown tip about a weight of dogs vital there.

Lozano pronounced a dogs looked healthier this time though he did make some suggestions to urge a roosters vital conditions.

Roosters used for cockfighting is an ongoing problem in Monterey County.  Now, Officer Lozano is also educating these owners about a new county law that animal services will enforce.

“If we come to a skill where they have some-more than 5 roosters that this new bidding is observant they can usually have five…So we’ll be creation referrals to them so they can come and revisit that property,” pronounced Lozano.

From there it was on to Castroville, where Lozano checked on reports of an harmed lamb.   Lozano recommeded additional oldster services to a lamb’s owners.

Officer Lozano says he and a SPCA count on a community’s support so they can be there to strengthen a animals that count on them a most.

“We find them a improved home, a family that’s going to be obliged and that’s going to give them a ideal life.”

source ⦿ http://www.kionrightnow.com/news/local-news/ridealong-with-humane-investigators-at-the-spca-for-monterey-county/30849666

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