As initial heralded final spring—when news of a growth was initial announced, and Kevin Hart’s high-pitched shrieks initial began their tour around a sun—Ride Along 2 is now strictly in a works. Hart and his partner in height-differential-based crime comedy Ice Cube are shutting deals to reteam with executive Tim Story and screenwriters Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi on a follow-up to their film that’s grossed $120 million worldwide so far, 5 weeks into a run. As Deadline notes, many of that box-office transport comes from U.S. theaters, so a subsequent Ride Along is approaching to try to enlarge a interest to unfamiliar markets, both by carrying some-more movement and being some-more “multicultural.” So subsequent year, disturb once some-more to a comically incompatible twin of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube, as they’re forced to share a zeppelin in a competition around a world.