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April 9, 2014 - box office


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When Michael Haffner reviewed RIDE ALONG here during We Are Movie Geeks, he wrote: “RIDE ALONG is a spacious time waster that thankfully knows a boundary and doesn’t essay for many more.” (read a rest of Michael’s examination HERE


I concur. There’s always something fun about examination Kevin Hart bug his eyes out and lift his voice into a high nasal bemoan while blurting out common dialog. And Ice Cube creates for a excellent true male in RIDE ALONG, a comedy about fast-talking confidence ensure Ben (Hart) who joins his patrolman brother-in-law James (Cube) on a 24-hour unit of Atlanta in sequence to infer himself estimable of marrying Angela (Tike Sumpter), James’ sister. RIDE ALONG has any cliché in a patrolman friend movement film genre though a dual actors good play off any other,  like an updated black Lewis and Martin. we also favourite that it did not rest 100% on a extremist and/or unwashed jokes that we was expecting, personification some-more as a good-natured, PG-13 travesty of TRAINING DAY.

Ride Along

Highlights of RIDE ALONG embody slapstick revisit to a gun operation with a spastic Ben struggling to reason a complicated weapon, a humorous fight with gun smugglers in a frame club, and a cleverly-written stage crosscutting James’ inquire of a rubber-faced adviser (Jay Pharaoh from SNL) with Ben’s attempts to survey his child brother. As a film enters a final half hour, it turns into some-more general movement film with automobile chases and ends with a not-unexpected overly-sentimental finale.


RIDE ALONG creates a Blu-ray entrance from Universal Studios Home Entertainment on Apr 15th and I’ve seen it.

The technical specs on a RIDE ALONG Blu-ray are adult to standard with a transparent MPEG-4 AVC 1080p resolution
2.40:1 aspect ratio image that never glitches and is always clean, clear, sharp, and vibrant.

The 5.1 DTS-HD master audio is also adult to a task, giving discourse clarity and weight in further to distributing a lot of song but drowning out a other elements.


The RIDE ALONG Blu-ray contains copiousness of extras:

– Alternate Ending

– Deleted Scenes

– Alternate Take

– Kev and Cube’s Wild Ride – Allows audiences to knowledge Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s electrifying chemistry in a brief underline that shows firsthand how these dual megastars fed any other creatively, how Hart’s appetite fueled a process,  and what he schooled about loyalty and concentration by operative with Ice Cube.

– An Explosive Ride:  Ever consternation what it would be like to be beaten adult by Laurence Fishburne?  This outing behind a scenes exposes a waggish exchanges between a stars and their attempt doubles.

– You Gonna Learn Today:  An inside demeanour during a film’s many waggish off-script moments including b-roll, dailies and swap takes that showcase a stars’ implausible comic gifts.

– Anatomy of a Big Blast:  Watch as a expel and organisation prep for a movie’s many bomb sequence!

– Gag Reel

– It Was A Good Day: On The Set Of Ride Along:  A backstage revisit puts audiences on a set of Ride Along as they share in a expel and crew’s outrageously furious time.  In-your-face, first-person footage featuring Kevin Hart, Ice Cube, John Leguizamo and a rest of a expel and organisation continues a fast-paced laughs and movement of a film.

– Atlanta – The Character:  Often called Hollywood South, a city of Atlanta plays a starring purpose in Ride Along as Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and organisation take audiences on an disdainful debate of their ’hood.

– Feature Commentary With Director Tim Story

Also includes a Blu-ray and Digital HD with Ultraviolet

Because of a caring and bid done to yield a peculiarity home display installed with extras, we do suggest purchasing the RIDE ALONG Blu-ray





source ⦿ http://www.wearemoviegeeks.com/2014/04/ride-along-blu-review-2/

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