Ride-along hermetic a career understanding for new cop

March 11, 2014 - box office

Ride-along hermetic a career understanding for new cop

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Ride-along hermetic a career understanding for new cop

Jair Macareno is a newest member of a Astoria Police Department. The Astoria High School connoisseur will attend a military academy in Salem subsequent month.

Posted: Monday, Mar 10, 2014 12:28 pm

Updated: 5:48 pm, Mon Mar 10, 2014.

Ride-along hermetic a career understanding for new cop


To transition careers from Van Dusen Beverages to a Astoria Police Department, Jair Macareno literally only had to cranky a street.

But to ready for a career he says he’s wanted to pursue given high school, a highway to apropos a newest Astoria Police officer is a small bit longer.

Macareno, 22, an Astoria High School graduate, is gearing adult to attend a Police Academy in Salem subsequent month. Until then, he’s roving along with other officers and doing work during a dialect to ready himself for a school. He was sworn in during a Astoria City Council assembly final month.

His relatives and fiancée, Tayla McGinnis, were during his side, as he thanked them for their adore and support.

“During high propagandize we kind of suspicion it would be fun to be a military officer. And in college, we started to take rapist probity classes, and that unequivocally got me interested,” Macareno said.

A float along with a Clatsop County Sheriff’s emissary a short while later sealed a understanding on his enterprise to apply.

“That did it in for me, so we practical to Astoria,” he said.

Macareno changed to Astoria from Chicago when he was “really young,” he said. “But Astoria is unequivocally all we have ever known.”

He played soccer during Astoria High School, and after during Chimeketa Community College. He has dual classes left before earning his grade in rapist justice.

He’s worked during Van Dusen Beverages for a final 5 years. Working subsequent doorway to a military department, he says he looked over during a dialect each once and a while, anticipating one day he would get a job.

“I never unequivocally talked to anyone over there until A.J. (Duryea) got over there,” he said. “But before that, we knew we wanted to request to be a military officer. I really didn’t think I would get it this young. But we am really blissful we did.”

He incited 22 progressing this month. His marriage to McGinnis is scheduled for Sept. 13.

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Monday, Mar 10, 2014 12:28 pm.

Updated: 5:48 pm.

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