‘Ride Along’ Runs Over ‘I, Frankenstein’ This Weekend

January 27, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Ride Along 

 January 26, 2014

With a bizarre, poorly-explained grounds and derivative anticipation action, I, Frankenstein was upheld on attainment this weekend. As a result, Ice Cube/Kevin Hart comedy strike Ride Along simply cruised to a second uninterrupted victory.

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After environment a new Jan opening record final weekend, Ride Along fell 49 percent to $21.3 million. Through 10 days, a friend comedy has banked $75.5 million, and it’s on gait to strech $100 million in a subsequent dual weeks. Don’t be astounded if Ride Along 2 gets rigourously announced soon.

In a third weekend, Lone Survivor forsaken 42 percent to $12.9 million. The Afghanistan fight play has now warranted $93.9 million, and is on gait to pass Zero Dark Thirty ($95.7 million) someday this week.

Universal Pictures has now reason a tip dual spots for dual weekends in a row. According to a studio, that’s a initial time a distributor has achieved this attainment given Warner Bros. did so in Feb 1994 with On Deadly Ground and Ace Venture: Pet Detective. Universal is also a tip studio so distant this year with over $170 million.

In third place, The Nut Job eased 38 percent to $12.1 million. That’s a plain reason for an charcterised movie, yet it is a bit worse than November’s Free Birds (30 percent). To date, The Nut Job has taken in $40.1 million.

changed adult a mark to fourth place this weekend; a charcterised blockbuster’s $9.1 million transport ranks sixth all-time among ninth weekends. In a process, Frozen surfaced Finding Nemo to turn a highest-grossing strange charcterised film ever (excluding re-release grosses) with scarcely $348 million. With a sing-along chronicle reaching theaters subsequent weekend, Frozen should have no problem flitting Despicable Me 2 ($368.1 million) by mid-February.

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
dull out a Top Five this weekend with $9.1 million, that is off 41 percent from opening weekend. So far, a film has warranted $30.5 million, that is reduction than The Sum of All Fears brought in on a initial weekend over a decade ago.

Opening during 2,753 locations, I, Frankenstein inebriated with only $8.6 million. That’s reduction than half of final year’s Hansel Gretel: Witch Hunters, and is a distant cry from a $20-million-plus entrance for any of a 4 Underworld movies. To make matters worse, it even non-stop reduce than The Legend of Hercules, that had a some-more medium selling bid and still managed to eke out $8.9 million.

Plenty of bad cinema do decent business any yearthat’s since studio selling departments spend copiousness of income pulling out a best tools of these dress and piecing together selling element that creates them demeanour softly appealing. Unfortunately, I, Frankenstein is a singular box where there doesn’t seem to have been adequate to even furnish a awake two-and-a-half notation trailer. Audiences figured this one out and for a many partial stayed far, distant away.

Those that did give I, Frankenstein a demeanour tended to be comparison (60 percent over 25) and masculine (62 percent). Roughly 60 percent of sheet sales were from 3D showings, that is scarcely high. The film perceived a intermediate “B” CinemaScore; sum with a terrible 5 percent measure on Rotten Tomatoes, design this to tumble off fast in a entrance weeks. A final sum next $20 million is likely.

Dallas Buyers Club
stretched to 1,110 locationsits widest recover yetand warranted $2.03 million. To date, a Oscar-nominated play has warranted $20.4 million.

After dual months in singular release, Alexander Payne‘s Nebraska finally stretched national this weekend. Playing during 968 theaters, a Oscar hopeful warranted $1.55 million. Unless something extreme happens, Nebraska now seems staid to be a lowest-grossing Best Picture hopeful from 2013.

Around-the-World Roundup

Not to sound like a damaged record, yet Frozen had another clever weekend during a abroad box office. The film combined $20.2 million for a new sum of $462.5 million. In South Korea, it was adult 20 percent from a opening, and it’s already a highest-grossing Disney/Pixar recover ever there with $22.6 million.

Its worldwide sum has now upheld $810 million. If it lives adult to a intensity in China (Feb. 5th) and Japan (March 15th), it should eventually strech $1 billion.

Across a markets being rubbed by Universal Pictures, The Wolf of Wall Street combined $16.6 million this weekend. The Leonardo DiCaprio/Martin Scorsese crack steady in initial place in Germany ($5.7 million), a U.K. ($5.5 million) and Spain ($3.2 million). It most-likely upheld $100 million abroad this weekend, yet final formula won’t be accessible until after this week.

Domestic beating Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is personification a bit improved abroad so far: in a second outing, a view thriller warranted $14.3 million for an early sum of $46.5 million. It combined $5.5 million in China ($20.9 million total) and non-stop to a decent $2.1 million in a U.K. Next weekend, it expands in to France and Spain.

Oscar hopeful 12 Years a Slave has sensitively begun a clever unfamiliar run. It combined $8.3 million this weekend, and has already warranted $35 million sum (and still has many markets on a way). It non-stop in initial place in France with $2.3 million.

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‘I, Frankenstein’ to Trail ‘Ride Along’

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