Ride Along Is Just What It Should Be

February 1, 2014 - box office

Ride AlongThe movie, Ride Along, is only what it should be: a comedy that’s only plain funny. Sure, a film is predictable, with a same Hollywood regulation of patrolman and “wanna” be cop. If a spectator hangs on prolonged enough, though, a float is good value it.

Kevin Hart as Ben plays an consultant online gamer who goes by a name of Black Hammer. He uses his moniker to try to stir his girlfriend, Angela, who takes it all in stride. The gamer wants to get some-more critical with Angela, and relates and is supposed by a Atlanta, Georgia, military academy.

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Her hermit James, played by Ice Cube, is a true male to Hart’s humorous guy. James is a seasoned investigator and is not too penetrating on Ben creation it into a force. He and his patrolman buddies antic Ben by going on distrurbance calls typically destined to rookie cops. According to James, no one is good adequate to marry his sister.

On a military call, James riles Ben adult to go after a dipsomaniac male carrying a meltdown in a farmer’s market. Both Ben and a dipsomaniac finish adult going down on a building in a fire of honey. Does Ben quit? No, he only has to go on one final call.

Ice Cube does a good pursuit being a overprotective hermit to his sister, Angela, and creates a good true guy. Hart alternately plays a crazy dauntless patrolman and a excitable rookie type, with not most else in between.  He has heart, though, and is endangered that James does not trust him as a partner.

In a end, Ride Along is only what a comedy should be: damn funny. Ben saves his intensity brother-in-law’s life and clamp versa. As a criminals that James is seeking have their final conflict during a gun using operation, Ben reverts to gamer mode, tossing grenades during accurately a suitable time, and anticipating bullet clips on a belligerent as if they were left there by a game’s creator. Ben positively warranted his gold turn rating in a cyber diversion world.

Laurence Fishburne is a miraculous “ghost” criminal, Omar. Fishburne is cold and cruel, and calls Ben out when he impersonates him. John Leguizamo plays a hermit cop, with his possess tip agenda.

Even Ben’s cyber playmates assistance during one point, as they overhear Angela being threatened by Omar and his henchmen by Ben’s diversion headset. As Ben is incapacitated, James takes “Assman’s” call and he and Ben group adult to rescue his sister.

Ride Along has adequate fun to concede a sequel, only not with a same players or even a same dynamics between James and Ben. Maybe a hop during his honeymoon, after his matrimony to Angela. Hopefully, James will have gotten over some of his trust issues by then.

Tim Story wrote and directed Ride Along. He formerly destined Fantastic Four, Barbershop and Think Like a Man. 

Ride Along is only what it should be: funny. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have chemistry as partners in fighting crime.

By Lisa M Pickering


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