‘Ride Along’ executive Tim Story bounces out of ‘director’s jail’

January 23, 2014 - tt1408253

That’s where Story, 43, found himself usually a few years ago, notwithstanding his successful directorial entrance in 2002 with “Barbershop,” that warranted critics’ regard and finished $77 million worldwide on a medium $12-million budget. And notwithstanding a Marvel superhero authorization that followed, Story’s “Fantastic Four” films in 2005 and 2007, that grossed some-more than $600 million worldwide.

But from those highs came a low: “Hurricane Season,” a story of a basketball manager and his group one year after Hurricane Katrina. The film wasn’t even expelled in theaters and went to DVD in 2009.

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“The attention is not touching you. ‘You’re usually as good as your final movie’ — that’s a observant in Hollywood,” Story recalls. “All of a sudden, you’re a executive that finished a direct-to-DVD film.”

A debt remuneration and other bills kept coming. Story altered his family to a smaller residence while scheming for a attainment of his third child. He took meetings on other projects, yet zero panned out.

“I wasn’t looking for a film to make another good film,” he says, usually one that would let him “keep a residence and compensate for my family to eat. we was looking for a film for all a wrong reasons.”

That finally altered with Story’s 2012 release, “Think Like a Man,” that warranted some-more than $96 million worldwide. Now audiences are flocking to Story’s take on a buddy-cop genre, “Ride Along.” Last weekend, a film surpassed a Jan box-office record set by “Cloverfield” in 2008, pulling in $48.1 million for a four-day holiday period, according to studio estimates.

“We were never disturbed about either a audiences would like it. We finished it for them,” Story pronounced Monday, after rough box bureau numbers were in. “I consider it’s given it unequivocally creates we laugh. You’re in a movie, and you’re shouting to where we can’t hear a subsequent dialogue.”


“Ride Along” follows Ben (Kevin Hart), who’s prepared to introduce to his girlfriend, Angela (Tika Sumpter), yet needs a capitulation of her investigator brother, James (Ice Cube). Ben goes on a 24-hour unit around Atlanta with James to infer himself worthy.

The tract wasn’t distant private from Story’s attribute with his twin sister (minus a heated follow scene, a fibre of bullets and a fumble during a banishment range).

“Even yet she’s married to a good guy, a doubt was, ‘Who is he?’ and ‘Is he good adequate for you?’ ” Story says. “When that film came along, we could immediately entrance it from a personal standpoint.”

“Ride Along” reunites Story with actors he has worked with before, including Hart and Ice Cube.

“It’s a homogeneous of going to that grill and removing a same dish,” he says. “You know what you’re going to get.”

During filming, Story says, a best scenes didn’t follow a script. It usually took Ice Cube’s barbarous glower and Hart’s left-handed antics.

“He’s a many laid-back executive I’ve ever worked with. we consternation how he gets things done,” Ice Cube says about operative with Story for a initial time given “Barbershop.” “It’s like doing a film with a family member, in a way.”

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Laurence Fishburne, who uttered a Silver Surfer in a “Fantastic Four” supplement (Story calls a actor “Sir Laurence”), also is behind for “Ride Along,” this time to play a impression best not suggested for those who haven’t seen a film.

“One of a biggest moments is when we see him travel on shade and we hear a assembly go, ‘Oh!’ It’s awesome,” Story says.

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