‘Ride Along’ burnishes resume of rapper Ice Cube

March 19, 2014 - box office

LOS ANGELES — In a 20-plus years given Ice Cube motionless to concentration on movies, he has taken on
key roles in filmmaking — acting, essay and directing.

His work as a producer, though, has given him a many compensation — and maybe a most

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He chose to expel Kevin Hart in a new friend flick
Ride Along — a pivotal preference in assisting a film sum some-more than $130 million since

“We had a film for 5 or 6 years, and we saw Kevin Hart floating up,” Ice Cube pronounced in a
recent interview.

“We knew we could chuck in a few folks I’d worked with in a past, though we wanted it to feel
fresh. It became a dream team. Being No. 1 for 3 weeks is something we weren’t expecting. To be
the cream of a stand is no easy feat. It’s a large deal. I’ve been on cloud nine.”

Ride Along is a latest in a line of film hits for a 44-year-old rapper, who got his
acting start in
Boyz n a Hood (1991). He is obliged for cult classics such as
Friday and
The Players Club, starred in child-friendly flicks such as
Are We There Yet? and is operative on a supplement to
Ride Along.

Ice Cube talked recently about his career.

Q: You’ve seemed in dramas, comedies and kiddie movies. Which do we prefer?

A: It’s easier for me to get comedies finished since of my lane record. Everybody
needs to find their niche.

I adore dramas, though we know that we am still only a immature male in moviemaking. we know there
will be some time to get behind to that.

Q: You still record music, though because did we confirm to welcome cinema in a 1990s? Were you
seeing song as reduction fruitful?

A: The artistic routine of creation a film unequivocally incited me on. I’d started getting
behind a scenes with a camcorder and VHS fasten when creation song videos.

But when we did
Boyz N a Hood with John Singleton, we saw someone my age who was unequivocally doing it behind
the scenes. we felt like we indispensable to be doing it on that level.

Q: How did we select to concentration on a amusement in your south-central Los Angeles

A: Growing adult in my neighborhood, a comedy was right there.
Friday was a demeanour during a neighborhood: bone-head traffic out of an ice-cream truck,
crackheads, drive-by shootings. How bad is that?

But it was indeed fun during times. That is what a film was conveying. It was how we saw the
neighborhood contra how a news saw a neighborhood.

Q: In casting Kevin Hart in
Ride Along, we seem to have foreseen his large success. When did a review start
about creation a sequel?

A: When a studio saw a preview numbers, they were excited, so we are in good
shape. It was something we weren’t expecting, though we have a book and we competence be prepared to shoot
in Jun or July.

The film has also finished good in Egypt and Lebanon.

Q: Reflecting on a latest Grammy Awards, what do we consider about Macklemore Ryan
Lewis violence Kendrick Lamar for best swat album?

A: It’s typical. It’s a Grammys; what do we expect? But for them to pass up
true skills for what could be fly-by-night success. … we don’t wish to dis anybody, but

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