‘Ride Along’ Bluray Review: Crushing Disappointment

April 19, 2014 - box office

Because actors sexually-debasing themselves in nihilistic plotlines is not my thought of funny, we tend to stay as distant divided as probable from a modern-day Hollywood comedy. Every once in a while something like a initial “Hangover” will come along and pleasure me. But since rubbish dual hours for a few chuckles when a 22-minute “Seinfeld” rerun is guaranteed to put we on a floor?

Life’s too brief to lay by dual hours of women riffing on their vaginas.

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I did, though, make an difference for executive Tim Story’s “Ride Along.” But usually since of Ice Cube. The rapper-turned-actor/producer unequivocally delivered with his dual “Barbershop” films and even some-more so with a “Friday” trilogy. Laughs, heart, a clarity of place and amiable characters done all 5 of those films favorites of mine.

“Ride Along’s ” co-star, Kevin Hart, is ostensible to be a subsequent large thing, so we also wanted to see what all a bitch was about.

And how can we go wrong with a mismatched-buddy patrolman picture?

Unfortunately, “Ride Along” only isn’t funny. It done a happening during a box office, and a supplement is already being fast-tracked, yet a film does not yield a singular laugh. we chuckled twice — once during a fun derisive a Prius.  

Another captivate to this sold genre is a action. On tip of a laughs, buddy-cop films are ostensible to broach automobile chases, gunfights, and other forms of gleefully inapt violence. we can indeed live but laughs if there’s adequate disfigured steel and damaged glass.

Sadly, “Ride Along” fails to broach there, as well.

The judgment should have worked. Ice Cube plays Payton, a go-it-alone Atlanta-based patrolman spooky with throwing an arch-criminal no one else unequivocally believes exists. His sister is intent to Barber (Kevin Hart), a man-child who wants to turn a cop. To inhibit him from both, Payton agrees to take Barber underneath his wing for a day with a ride-along, a module that allows civilians to spend a change in a automobile with an active-duty policeman. Naturally, Payton sets coiffeur adult for a severe time before things get suddenly real.

Good premise. Horrible execution.

Other than that Prius fun and an startling love for guns and those who sell them, “Ride Along” offers no surprises other than startling rubbish of a comedic talent like Ice Cube.

I will see a supplement though. we have faith this can and will work improved a second time.

Ride Along’ is accessible for sale during Amazon.com.

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