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April 27, 2014 - box office

RIDE ALONG unequivocally reminds me a lot of a RUSH HOUR trilogy. Put dual opposites together and watch a mishaps that occur while they quarrel crime. Just like in RUSH HOUR, there’s some apparent chemistry between a dual masculine leads, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, yet distinct RUSH HOUR, executive Tim Story unsuccessful to commend adequate of it and instead forced these dual into nonessential comedic scenarios that are uncivilised of a duo. With some improved jokes, we could have simply ignored how diseased a story is for RIDE ALONG.

Ride Along

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Ben (Hart) is a video diversion addict who for some reason feels like he would make a illusory patrolman given of his initial chairman shooter knowledge. Instead of being one of a boys in blue, he’s a high propagandize confidence ensure who draws honour from students by being verbally intimidating. Outside of that, he’s a sincerely pitiable individual. He’s now saying a seductive Angela (Sumpter). A lady who is so out of his league, we determine with her hermit James (Cube) when he questions what she even sees in him. James is an tangible patrolman and Ben’s destiny brother-in-law. Ben hopes to get capitulation for his matrimony to Angela and presumably secure a patrolman pursuit by…yep…you guessed it…a float along.

Ride Along

I’ll acknowledge that a grounds of James regulating this event to harm both a matrimony and Ben’s dreams of fasten a force isn’t a bad concept. Slap an ‘R’ rating on this and we have some-more room to work with a talent we got. If you’ve ever seen any FRIDAY film and Kevin Hart’s stand-up, we know these dual would be many improved matched with an violent mouth and their ability to declaim some-more artistic ways to dump their favorite 4 minute words. Instead Hart is whittled down being a nonsensical man that emits high pitched screams when he falls or gets injured. It’s paltry to watch setup after setup of Hart behaving in hysterics.

Ride Along

The story itself is utterly predictable. So yet humor, we start to poke holes in a script. Halfway by we collect adult a common subplot that involves James tracking down a rapist designer named Omar. He’s an elusive, secret rapist that has been plaguing Atlanta for years. While James’ superiors don’t wish him on a box anymore, James deduction to go opposite his orders to lane down Omar…and…you guessed it…Ben comes in handy.

The mixed writer’s behind RIDE ALONG contingency have all thrown in their possess jokes and while some of them land, some of them totally skip their target. Regardless, any one contingency have had a preconceived idea in their conduct that many people walking into a museum are prepared to giggle during anything Kevin Hart and Ice Cube do. While for many of those examination RIDE ALONG, that is true, people like me will be severely disappointed. Kevin Hart successfully becomes a subsequent Chris Tucker nobody asked for and Ice Cube could becomes a watered down chronicle of himself.

Weekend box bureau Ride Along

Other comedic military cinema before this have always been successful due to their one liners and small nods during a screen, yet RIDE ALONG never does this and instead feels gentle remaining in a buddy-cop film container instead of enmity itself. Even a movement in this fails to heed from others. To put it bluntly, RIDE ALONG fails in both of those categories. At this impulse I’d like to indicate out that a supplement has already been greenlit. So here’s some recommendation for we writers now crafting it. Handle some constructive critique and make something that is fun, uninformed and good paced instead of creation me feel like I’m trapped in a backseat with these two.


Video: (1080p HD Widescreen 2:40:1) The shade is perfect. we didn’t have to adjust anything for a night time conflict shots.

Audio: (English 5.1 DTS-HDMA) While a song can be a bit noisy on a low volume setting, a blending was finished usually right.

Alternate Ending (1:42): Don’t let a pretension dope you. This isn’t a extreme change from a strange some-more than it usually feels like a some-more cheesy, feel good ending

Deleted Scenes (8:23): This is utterly a heaping sip of deleted scenes and extended scenes. These scenes feel like they were pleat some unfunny, commencement and end, fat from a movie. I’ll gladly indicate out a lot of a large center fat they missed. There’s usually one stage I’m astounded they edited that involves Ben and James carrying a closest heart to heart in a film that would have indeed combined some abyss to their characters.

Ride Along

Alternate Take (1:38): If we wish to see what we was anticipating this film would be, this is it. These guys look, feel and indeed act funny. This is an swap take from a automobile float stage where they are articulate pound to Omar.

Gag Reel (2:59): Seriously, how can a executive not see a chemistry between Hart and Cube? These dual seem to unequivocally rebound comedy off any other and genuine pleasing to watch on their own. This is your standard outtakes feature, yet it’s value a watch.

It was a Good Day on a Set of RIDE ALONG (11:52): A behind a scenes underline that focuses especially on a story and characters. Most of them gladly speak about a cinema they were anticipating to make fun of while heaping large amounts of regard on Hart and Cube as good as Laurence Fishburne.

Kev and Cube’s Wild Ride (5:16): we know I’m commencement to kick a passed horse, yet this underline is literally about Hart and Cube’s chemistry. I’m not certain because this couldn’t be lumped in with a prior feature.

You Gonna Learn Today (4:39): Another behind a scenes underline that’s categorical concentration is about Hart. This seems invalid given I’ve already spent dual facilities conference and examination people regard Hart.

Anatomy of a Big Blast (4:50): Without giving divided a ending…let’s usually contend there’s a shootout followed by a large blast and this focuses on that sequence. It’s a bit refreshing to watch them put together a non-CGI explosion.

An Explosive Ride (5:08): Besides a room battle, there are mixed quarrel scenes and that’s what this underline is focusing on. It’s engaging to hear from a attempt people and good to see how eager some of a stars are about doing their possess stunts.

Atlanta: The Character (3:19): While we never felt like they were in Atlanta, this underline would like we to trust they encompassed a hint of a city. This is some-more meddlesome and articulate about a problems of filming a film on tangible downtown streets and fans entrance by to miscarry shooting.

Feature Commentary with Director Tim Story: Tim Story surprisingly fills adult a lot of time articulate by himself. Hearing a same voice for over an hour and a half yet does feel a bit dry, yet we have to give a lot of credit to someone who has no problem articulate alone for their commentary.

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