Ride Along As This Miata Goes From The Back To The Front To The Wall

May 10, 2014 - box office

Ride Along As This Miata Goes From The Back To The Front To The WallS

At Sebring, CJ Wilson Racing drivers Tyler McQuarrie and Marc Miller had a ruin of a run going. They went from 32nd to 20th in a initial lap, and done it all a approach adult to third. It was a crazy competition with a crazy crash, and now they’re here to plead it.

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Tyler and Marc had one of a best races of their career going with so most flitting it’s tough to keep adult with where they were in a field. In fact, they were right behind Stevan McAleer, who was also flitting like mad. The Miata creates some tighten passes on a ton of cars with approach some-more energy in only one lap, it’s a philharmonic to see.

Then, after a motorist change, it starts to go wrong. Marc notices a quivering that ends in a automatic disaster and a automobile tough opposite a wall. Hard. it went from such a certain day to a shitty ending.

Tyler and Marc are going to be in a comments next to answer some questions and tell their story of a race, so feel giveaway to cocktail them some questions now! They’ll be in and out via a afternoon.

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