Ride Along

May 13, 2014 - box office

“Ride Along” is a fast-paced friend patrolman film featuring a comedic stylings of Kevin Hart and John Leguizamo. It also includes Ice Cube (who creates a intrepid try during acting) and Laurence Fishburne. While really funny, this film in no approach figure or form passes a Bechdel Test. Expecting it to be anything though a movement film glorifying a work of a NYPD will be a beating to a viewer. Yet, with that mindset, “Ride Along” is a good time.

Ben Barber (Hart) is a honeyed though nonsensical high propagandize confidence ensure who has been supposed into a military academy. In an try to uncover hard-edge investigator James his ability to caring for James’ sister, Ben goes on a ride-along with James to infer himself. Predictably, events do not spin out as expected. Amid gunshots and explosions, they learn from any other that people can change and that bro-love is some-more than skin deep.

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BLU-Ray exclusives embody an swap finale (!), deleted scenes, “Kev Cubes Wild Ride,” “Anatomy of a Big Blast” a mini-documentary holding we into a biggest blast in a movie, “You Gonna Learn Today” a bit dedicated to a actors improv skills and “An Explosive Ride.”

Additional facilities embody a wisecrack reel, explanation with executive Tim Story, “Atlanta: The Character” a brief exploring a city of Atlanta, and a mini-movie taken on a set on “Ride Along” called “It Was a Good Day.”

“Ride Along”
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