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July 18, 2014 - box office

9468451.28.jpgRide Along starring Kevin Hart and Ice Cube. 18 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, 100 percent explody.
Throughout this past week, people spending their summer on Fort Lauderdale Beach have been means to constraint photos and video of a filming of Ride Along 2, a supplement to a buddy-cop comedy movement crack expelled progressing this year.

The initial film starred Kevin Hart and Ice Cube and apparently cars that pile-up and flip over and blow up.

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And producers apparently squandered no time in green-lighting a supplement and holding to a neck of a woods to start sharpened it.

That’s right, Fort Lauderdale is so darned sexy, it’s gonna be in a movie!

From a footage, it looks like producers were out filming a follow stage on A1A, that proves a sorcery of cinema is genuine because, as we all know, a follow stage on A1A is flattering most unfit what with all a trade jams and such.

Folks unresolved out on a beach were means to take in a thrills and explosions over a past few days from a protected distance. Many took photos and videos that they afterwards posted on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


There’s no summary for Ride Along 2 only nonetheless on IMDB, though here’s a plot for a initial movie:

Security ensure Ben (Hart) contingency infer himself to his girlfriend’s brother, tip patrolman James (Ice Cube). He rides along with James on a 24-hour unit of Atlanta.

High jinks afterwards ensue, along with Kevin Hart doing Kevin Hart things and Ice Cube creation meant faces.

The supplement expected won’t curve distant from that summary though will substantially only have even some-more Kevin Hart doing Kevin Hart things and Ice Cube creation even some-more meant faces. And, of course, a flattering bone-head follow stage shot on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

There’s been no sighting of a stars so far. Only stuntmen, cameras, and loads of extras.

But no worries; we too competence be means to locate a glance of movie-making. Producers design to be filming via Fort Lauderdale Beach until Monday, that means this weekend competence be a best time to go see cars floating adult and exploding.

The Fort Lauderdale production, manned by a 65-member crew, facilities a expel of about 250 extras.

Check out some of a video and photos shot by passersby below:

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