Richmond Police Department releases initial impressive float along video

June 12, 2014 - box office

As promised, a Richmond Police Department has expelled a initial of 5 “virtual float along”videos  on YouTube.

For any impressive video, a internal proprietor tags along on a cop’s change and snaps photos that can be common with a rest of us. The wish is a videos will offer some-more discernment into a daily lives of officers, quite their village interactions.

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A outline of a initial video was supposing on RPD’s Facebook page:

Enjoy a initial installment of 5 float alongs with RPD staff as partial of a proprietor float along project….The concentration of a initial float along is tellurian trafficking on Ohio from a viewpoint of [a] watch commander. Faces have been twisted to strengthen a temperament of those featured. All subjects featured are deliberate trusting unless found guilty in a justice of law.

And here’s a list of subsequent 4 float along videos:

• Virtual Ride Along – BRAVO TEAM, Southern District
• Virtual Ride Along – SRO Unit (Schools)
Virtual Ride Along – Southern District, Beat 3
• Virtual Ride Along — Dayshift Watch Commander

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