RaceView Audio: Ride along with a No. 88 team

June 9, 2014 - box office

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. warranted his second win of a deteriorate and initial during Pocono Raceway on Sunday. It was a group bid for a No. 88 Hendrick Motorsports motorist and crew, and RaceView Audio subscribers listened all of their communications.

See how a day played out for a new personality in a Chase for a NASCAR Sprint Cup Grid, and allow to RaceView Audio to listen to each group in each inhabitant array race. Click here for some-more information.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.: Be protected on array road. We’ll have a good day.

Lap 5 (The No. 88 car’s temperatures rose as waste collected on his grille)
Earnhardt Jr.: 260 (degrees) and climbing.
Steve Letarte: Keep an eye on it if it keeps going up?Probably 280 we need to start looking.

Lap 9 (Earnhardt Jr. got behind Tony Stewart, attempting to purify his grille.)
Letarte: we can see his fender cam. It came off?
Earnhardt Jr.: It’s entrance down.

Lap 10

Earnhardt Jr.:
We need to work on it branch improved a initial half of a corner.

Lap 71
Earnhardt Jr.: Real irritable in a behind on new tires.

Lap 78
Earnhardt Jr. to his spotter:
You don’t need to tell me I’m transparent of a 17. He’s a? football margin behind me. More information than we need.

Lap 87
Earnhardt Jr.:
Thank we HMS power!
Letarte: Looks pretty.

Lap 96
All right man, that 11’s a leader. We’re second.

Lap 101
Still irritable off, is that a biggest problem?
Earnhardt Jr.: Not low in a run, though to start off with…. we wouldn’t [mess] with it.

Lap 103
Great work. One stop from here.

Lap 119 (Fifth caution)
All right buddy, we’re going to stay out since we can make it to a window. we gamble everybody else is going stay out too.

Lap 119
There’s a garland of people staying out here. That’s accurately what we needed.

Lap 120
Earnhardt Jr.:
Can we get to that window flattering easy?
Letarte: We can get there genuine easy. The 2 is flattering close. The 11 competence be means to make it with this caution.

Lap 121
Letarte: All this fuel you’re saving is only assisting a array stop.

Lap 129
Earnhardt Jr.:
How many til we run out?
Letarte: We’re unequivocally good. At slightest 3 some-more laps.

Lap 131
We’re going to come this time. This is a lap.

Lap 133
This will be a run to a finish. We were shorter than we thought. I’m not certain if we can make it.

Lap 138 (Sixth caution)
Come on down and get some gas. You’re doing a good job.

Lap 144 (Seventh caution)
We apparently are going to stay out here.

Lap 145
This is substantially going to be a minute. Get yourself a cold splash while you’re roving around.

Lap 148
All right. There will be 12 to go when we take a green. Looking good Dale.

Lap 150
You got this, buddy.

Lap 151
Letarte: Looking good, bud. 9 to go.

Lap 154
Keep pushing, bud. (Brad Keselowski has) got a large square of rabble on a grille, and they’re screaming temps.

Lap 156
Alright buddy, 4 to go.
Earnhardt Jr.: we got temps too.
Letarte: Ignore ’em.

Lap 159
OK, buddy. One more. One to go.

Checkered flag
T.J. Majors:
Good run, bud. You got it. Pocono winner.
Earnhardt Jr.:
We didn’t have a best car, though we did a good job. Finally won here. It took so long. It sucks Brad had to do that. Damn…. Par-tay!
All right. Do a good (donut) now!


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