Q&A: Ice Cube on His Box-Office Hit ‘Ride Along’

March 13, 2014 - box office

Associated Press

In a 20-plus years given Ice Cube motionless to concentration on movies, he’s taken on pivotal roles in filmmaking — acting, writing, even directing. But it’s his work as a writer that’s given him a many compensation — and maybe a many success.

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It was Ice Cube who finished a preference to expel superhot Kevin Hart for his friend crack “Ride Along,” that was pivotal in assisting a film sum over $140 million given a mid-January release.

“We had a film for 5 or 6 years and we saw Kevin Hart floating up. We knew we could chuck a few folks in that I’d worked with in a past, though we wanted it to feel fresh. It became a dream team,” he pronounced during a new interview. “Being No. 1 for 3 weeks is something we weren’t expecting. To be a cream of a stand is no easy feat. It’s a large deal. I’ve been on cloud nine.”

“Ride Along” is a latest in a line of film hits for a 44-year-old swat legend, who got his start in a gritty, Oscar-nominated “Boyz n a Hood.” He’s obliged for cult classics like “Friday” and “The Players Club,” starred in kiddie-friendly flicks like “Are We There Yet?” and, in further to a supplement to “Ride Along,” is operative on a film with a theme he knows copiousness about — N.W.A.

Ice Cube talked about his filmmaking career, swat and his mythological group’s repudiation from a many new category of a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during an talk with The Associated Press.


AP: You’ve seemed in all from dramas like “Higher Learning” and “Three Kings” to comedies and kiddie cinema like “The Longshots.” Which genre do we prefer?

Ice Cube: It’s easier for me to get comedies finished since of my lane record. Everybody needs to find their niche. we adore dramas, though we know that we am still only a immature male in moviemaking. we know there will be some time to get behind to that.

AP: You’re still recording music, though because make a transition to also creation cinema in a 1990s? Were we saying that song wasn’t as fruitful?

Ice Cube: The artistic routine of creation a film unequivocally incited me on. I’d started removing behind a scenes with a camcorder and VHS fasten when creation song videos. But when we did ‘Boyz n a Hood’ with John Singleton, we saw someone my age who was unequivocally doing it behind a scenes. we felt like we indispensable to be doing it on that level. (John) challenged me to start writing. My initial dual scripts sucked, though my third was ‘Friday.’

AP: But distinct John Singleton, we chose to concentration on a amusement in your South Central Los Angeles upbringing.

Ice Cube: Growing adult in my neighborhood, a comedy was right there. ‘Friday’ was a demeanour during a neighborhood: Dope-dealing out of an ice-cream truck, crackheads, drive-by shootings — how bad is that? But it was indeed fun during times. That is what a film was conveying. It was how we saw a area contra how a news saw a neighborhood.

AP: When casting Kevin Hart in “Ride Along,” that we constructed and also starred in, it seems we foresaw his large success. When did a review start about creation a “Ride Along” sequel?

Ice Cube: When a studio saw a preview numbers, they were excited, so we are in good shape. It was something we weren’t expecting, though we have a book and we competence be prepared to fire in Jun or July. The film has also finished good in Egypt and Lebanon. Hopefully we’ll go to other territories, like attack Australia with it.

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