Promised ride-along with Abilene arch leads to Twitter followers

June 30, 2014 - box office

ABILENE, Texas –

The possibility for a “ride-along” with Police Chief Stan Standridge has resulted in 120 new Abilene Police Department supporters on Twitter.

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Last week, Standridge invited Abilenians to follow a dialect on Twitter – @abilenepd – in lapse for a event to float with a chief.

A leader will be comparison after APD reaches a idea of 1,500 new followers.

“Our idea is simple: to assistance lift recognition about a Twitter footprint and to assistance us promulgate with a shred of a village that enjoys a indispensability of Twitter,” Abilene military orator George Spindler pronounced in an email.

“We’re anticipating that a village sees value in a ability to promulgate directly with them about slight or critical open reserve information around this amicable media channel.”

Only new supporters who reside in or work a business in Abilene are authorised to win, military officials have said. The leader will be compulsory to pointer a guilt waiver and determine to all manners associated to appearance in a ride-along.


Here’s a strange APD news recover in a entirety:




ABILENE, TX – The Abilene Police Department (APD) is embarking on a competition to assistance lift recognition about a Twitter footprint. The enterprise is to pull Twitter supporters to @abilenepd. After all, tweets from @abilenepd yield an evident and approach source of village recognition information. That information can be slight or critical open reserve information, generally during emergencies. Tweets from @abilenepd mostly embody violation news or recognition information about vital crimes, officers during a stage of standoffs, fatalities, trade alerts, news releases or other happenings that might aver village engagement.

To incentivize this contest, Chief of Police Stan Standridge will yield a propitious competition member a ride-along with him if they are comparison a winner. Here are some specifics: Chief Standridge invites all Abilene residents, or people handling a business in Abilene, to cruise following @abilenepd immediately. One propitious supporter or deputy (if a supporter is a company) out of a subsequent 1,500 followers, will have a possibility to attend in a ride-along with Chief Standridge once a symbol is reached. A propitious leader will be comparison during pointless and contingency accommodate Department eligibility standards. Additionally, usually new supporters staying in, or handling a business in, Abilene city boundary are authorised to win. The leader will be compulsory to pointer a guilt waiver and determine to all manners associated to appearance in a ride-along.

Chief Standridge desires that a village stay intent with their Department by following @abilenepd for a latest tweets per critical or timely open reserve information. Whether we know a small or a lot about military operations, a propitious leader will be supposing some profitable discernment on how their Department works to strengthen and offer a adults of Abilene.

So, what are we watchful for? Start following APD around Twitter during @abilenepd and maybe we will be that propitious winner.

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