Police Nab Suspect in Ride-Along Robberies

March 30, 2014 - box office

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Investigators arrested a male who was allegedly concerned in a fibre of robberies that started on Wednesday night, according to Fort Lauderdale Police.

The suspect, identified by military as 19-year-old Jeffrey Alexander Turcotte, was taken into control on Friday and charged with 3 depends of armed spoliation and one count any of kidnapping, grand burglary auto, escaped an officer and handling a automobile but a current license.

Turcotte is indicted of robbing a lady by gunpoint as she was exiting her automobile in a 2100 retard of S.E. 10 Avenue on Wednesday night. He also reportedly systematic a lady to expostulate to a circuitously Bank of America where he demanded that she repel income from an ATM. Turcotte is also indicted of revelation a plant he was going to “rob her house” after a plant told a him that she was incompetent to repel any some-more income during a revisit to a second ATM nearby, according to a military press release.

Turcotte afterwards allegedly demanded that a lady assistance him sack a integrate sitting in a red sports automobile nearby. He grabbed a woman’s hands and proceed a red automobile after he systematic her to exit her automobile with him. The lady reportedly saw her event to rush when Turcotte let go of her hands in impulse of disappointment over her rejection to concur in a robbery.

His attempted spoliation of a integrate in a red automobile was foiled when they unsuccessful to approve with his direct for their personal belongings, a news said. Turcotte ran behind a a initial victim’s unoccupied automobile and fled a scene.

The marker of a victims concerned in a incidents will not be released, military said.

Police pronounced this is an active an ongoing investigation. Anyone with serve information per these armed robberies should hit Detective Justin Moody during 954-828-4018.

source ⦿ http://www.nbcmiami.com/news/local/Police-Nab-Suspect-in-Ride-Along-Robberies-252941101.html

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