Because starring in an Aaron Sorkin uncover was affording her too most dignity, Olivia Munn is in talks to seem alongside Kevin Hart and Ice Cube in Ride Along 2. Along with Hart and Cube, executive Tim Story will lapse for a sequel, that began growth behind in February. This time around, a Ride Along gang will reportedly be holding a some-more “multicultural” approach; Variety reports that tract sum are still slim, though “this installment will see a dual stars transport to Miami for fun, chaos, and shenanigans.” Munn’s impasse will be fortuitous on her ability to report around sharpened dates for a final deteriorate of The Newsroom—because meant aged Uncle Aaron never lets her have any shenanigans. 

UPDATE: How’s this for multiculturalism: Ken Jeong and Benjamin Bratt have also assimilated a cast, so catering to a physician-turned-comedian, Law Order alum, and prohibited nerd demographics all during once. 

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