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July 11, 2014 - box office


Hello everyone! Being Thursday, currently will be all about this week’s news releases. As it turns out, this week had a lot to do with James Wan as 3 projects with his fingerprint announced recover dates (or changes). These embody Fast Furious 7, Annabelle, and Insidious: Chapter 3. Also, we have a recover date for Selfless. For casting, Ken Jeong assimilated Ride Along 2 while Tina Fey concluded to star and furnish an untitled Disney project. To finish things off we have a tiny bit of IMAX news in propinquity to Star Wars: Episode VII.

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Ken Jeong (The Hangover franchise) will join another budding comedy franchise. we never did see Ride Along, though given Ride Along 2 is happening, who is to contend a Ride Along 3 won’t happen? we don’t doubt it’ll happen. I’m forward of myself during this point, though yes, Ken Jeong will be in Tim Story’s supplement that should recover on Jan 15, 2016. (Source: Comingsoon)

In other casting news, Tina Fey has concluded to both furnish and star in an arriving Disney project. Unfortunately, this one isn’t a rumored Hocus Pocus supplement everybody wants (well, roughly everybody wants). As of now, there is no title, co-stars, recover date, or most tract (although we do know it’ll be about witches). Keep your eyes peeled for more. (Source: Comingsoon)

Fast Furious 7 done a slight composition to a recover date schedule. Instead of releasing on Apr 10th, it’ll now come out Apr 3, 2015. we don’t utterly know a move, though hey, a earlier a improved right? Usually when a authorization reaches 5 or some-more movies, a peculiarity tends to wane. However, with a Fast and a Furious authorization this hasn’t indispensably been a case. Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and a late Paul Walker all lapse to this one that is destined by James Wan (The Conjuring). (Source: EW)

Speaking of The Conjuring, a spin-off, patrician Annabelle, perceived a recover date as well. New Line will recover a fear film on Oct 3rd opposite David Fincher’s Gone Girl (good luck). James Wan will furnish a film this time with John R. Leonetti (The Butterfly Effect 2) directing it. Annabelle stars Annabelle Wallis (X-Men: First Class) and Eric Ladin (AMC’s The Killing). (Source: Variety)

Continuing with James Wan, a follow-up to his dual Insidious projects (titled Insidious: Chapter 3) will come out on May 29, 2015. Leigh Whannell’s directorial entrance will star Dermot Mulroney (The Grey) and Stefanie Scott (No Strings Attached). (Source: Collider)

Tarsem Singh’s (Mirror Mirror) sci-fi play thriller, Selfless, was pushed behind again to Apr 17, 2015. This one will star Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley. This Transcendence-like film sounds like it has some potential, so we’ll see subsequent year! (Source: Collider)

Finishing off currently will be a requisite Star Wars: Episode VII tidbit. It isn’t a bombshell, though it was reliable this week that Episode VII will be shot in IMAX. This was reliable by a print sent out by Bad Robot’s (J.J. Abrams’ prolongation company) chatter feed. Before a photo, we knew a film would play on IMAX screens though conference they’ll use a tangible cameras (there are usually a few of them in a world) is a good pointer in my opinion. Abrams’ long-awaited supplement hits IMAX and required theaters on Dec 18, 2015 (for now). It brings behind Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher while adding John Boyega (Attack a Block) and Adam Driver (HBO’s Girls). (Source: IndieWire)

Come on behind tomorrow for a latest clips and a weekend’s film recover schedule.

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