‘Mr. Peabody’ Races Past ‘Need for Speed’ This Weekend

March 17, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
Mr. Peabody Sherman 

 March 16, 2014

Video diversion instrumentation Need for Speed wasn’t quick adequate to take a mottled dwindle this weekend. Instead, initial place went to DreamWorks Animation’s Mr. Peabody Sherman.

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In a second weekend, Mr. Peabody fell 34 percent to an estimated $21.2 million. That’s a improved reason than final March’s The Croods (39 percent), and is on standard with How to Train Your Dragon (34 percent). To date, Mr. Peabody has warranted $63.2 million; with good word-of-mouth and a miss of competition, it should strech $100 million by a finish of a month.

300: Rise of an Empire
plummeted 58 percent to $19.1 million. In comparison, a initial 300 forsaken 54 percent in a second outing. So far, a supplement has banked $78.3 million during a domestic box office.

Playing during 3,118 locations, Need for Speed non-stop in third place with an estimated $17.8 million. That’s a rather unsatisfactory start: it’s reduce than a misfortune Fast Furious film (Tokyo Drift, $24 million), and is roughly on standard with past video diversion adaptations Resident Evil ($17.7 million) and Max Payne ($17.6 million).

Need for Speed
is a latest in a prolonged line of video diversion adaptations that underperformed during a domestic box office. The console tie isn’t a reason it missed, thoughDisney’s selling smartly avoided creation that association. Instead, a film was harm by a derivative naturemoviegoers had this pegged as a Fast Furious knock-offand miss of a constrained story.

Need for Speed
‘s throng was overwhelmingly masculine (70 percent), and lopsided a bit comparison (55 percent over a age of 25). 3D showings accounted for 43 percent of revenue. The assembly gave a film a “B+” CinemaScore, that suggests usually so-so word-of-mouth. In a long-run, it’s expected that Need for Speed slams on a breaks brief of $50 million.

eased 33 percent to $10.6 million. On Saturday, it upheld Unknown, that was a final partnership between Liam Neeson and executive Jaume Collet-Serra. So far, Non-Stop has warranted an considerable $68.8 million.

In fifth place, Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club inebriated with $8.3 million. That’s a lowest opening ever for a film destined by Tyler Perry2007’s Daddy’s Little Girls formerly hold that “record” with $11.2 million.

The final 10 months haven’t been good for a Tyler Perry brand. In May, Tyler Perry Presents Peeples (produced by Perry) couldn’t get past $10 million. In December, A Madea Christmas hardly crossed $50 million, that was a somewhat unsatisfactory outcome for a clever Madea franchise. And now The Single Moms Club opens subsequent $10 million, that is a truly surprisingly outcome (Lionsgate was awaiting mid-to-high teens). After 16 cinema in 8 years, it seems like moviegoers are finally overpowering of Perry’s work.

The Single Moms Club
‘s assembly was 79 percent womanlike and 80 percent over 25 years of age. They awarded a film a plain “A-” CinemaScore; unfortunately, Perry’s cinema tend to be sincerely front-loaded, so it would be startling if this wound adult over $25 million total.

Lionsgate has had a tough year so far: following The Legend of Hercules and I, Frankenstein, The Single Moms Club is a third film in a quarrel to open subsequent $9 million. That strain will finish subsequent weekend when Divergent opens nationwide.

Wes Anderson‘s The Grand Budapest Hotel stretched to 66 theaters this weekend and took eighth place with $3.6 million. That translates to a $55,152 per-theater average, that is an all-time record for a film personification in over 50 locations. Next weekend, Budapest expands in to during slightest 275 theaters total.

The Veronica Mars movie, that was saved around a Kickstarter campaign, warranted an estimated $2 million from 291 theaters this weekend. Around half of that was from Friday, that suggests that a “Marshmellows” rushed out to see a film immediately. It’s doubtful that Veronica Mars binds good in a long-term: it’s already accessible on VOD, and many Kickstarter backers perceived a digital copy. Still, this is an engaging experiment, and should infer to be modestly successful for those involved.

Jason Bateman‘s Bad Words non-stop to $120,000 during 6 locations. That translates to a diseased $20,000 per-theater average. The large exam for a R-rated comedy comes on Mar 28th, when it’s set to enhance nationwide.

Around-the-World Roundup

Need for Speed
done adult some belligerent overseas, where it non-stop to a clever $45.6 million. Almost half of that was from China, where a film warranted $21.2 million. That’s on standard with Robocop‘s entrance there, and is indeed aloft than a U.S. opening ($17.8 million).

It also took initial place in Russia ($5.5 million) and a U.K. ($3.5 million). It was reduction considerable in other markets like Australia ($1.4 million), Brazil ($1.3 million), Mexico ($1.3 million) and Italy ($1.1 million). Next weekend, Need for Speed expands in to Germany and a handful of smaller markets.

300: Rise of an Empire
combined $41.3 million for an considerable $158 million total. Assuming it eventually opens in China, Rise of an Empire should eventually tip a strange 300‘s $245 million unfamiliar total.

Mr. Peabody Sherman
warranted $15 million this weekend, that brings a sum to $85 million. Its usually vital new marketplace was Italy, where it non-stop to a so-so $1.2 million.

finally reached Japan this weekend, and a wait was value it: a charcterised prodigy non-stop to a really clever $9.4 million. That’s usually 13 percent reduce than Monsters University, that wound adult earning over $90 million sum in Japan.

Worldwide, Frozen has now grossed $1.027 billion. Over a weekend, it upheld The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and Alice in Wonderland to pierce adult to 15th place on a all-time chart. If it binds good in Japana reasonable assumption, given a opening in other marketsit will tighten in ninth place forward of The Dark Knight Rises.

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