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May 8, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 

 April 29, 2014

As a start of a Summer film season, a month of May is typically installed with vital authorization fareboth determined and determined ones. This year is no different, yet any of a would-be blockbusters comes with a few doubt marks.

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The stream May record was set in 2013, when a month racked adult $1.14 billion in sum box office. Without an Iron Man 3, it’s tough to suppose that May 2014 gets utterly that high. Still, there’s adequate appealing calm to safeguard that a initial month of Summer tops $1 billion.

For another demeanour during a Summer film season, be certain to check out a early predictions here.

May 2

For a eighth year in a row, May kicks off with a Marvel superhero movie. This year, it’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2, that is a supplement to 2012 authorization reboot The Amazing Spider-Man. That film warranted $262 million during a domestic box office, that was a poignant step down from a prior Spider-Man film (which had a prior array low with $336.5 million).

We won’t elaborate a indicate on this one, as it’s already been lonesome in an international forecast, a Summer Forecast, and dual weekend reports (here and here), and will be lonesome again in Thursday’s weekend forecast. Still, it’s value reiterating a few points. First, a final dual Spider-Man cinema perceived a churned reception: Spider-Man 3 was generally disliked, while audiences were lukewarm to The Amazing Spider-Man. Historically, that roughly positively means another dump in domestic box bureau for this subsequent outing.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2
does have a handful of engaging villainsthough Jamie Foxx‘s Electro does seem to bleed some eyerollsand Sony has rolled out a unequivocally assertive selling effort. It also brings a authorization behind to a initial weekend of May, that was where it set opening weekend annals in 2002 and 2007. That doesn’t seem like adequate to wand off authorization fatigue, though, and a domestic box bureau sum next $250 million seems like a guaranteed outcome.

May 9

The second weekend of May finds Seth Rogen comedy Neighbors confronting off opposite dual most some-more medium releases.

seems staid to be one of a highest-grossing comedies of a Summer. Rogen is entrance off one of his biggest hits ever (This is a End), and a element here feels safely within his wheelhouse. The film also stars Zac Efron and Rose Bryne, both of whom should enlarge a interest outward of Rogen’s immature masculine fanbase.

Aside from highlighting tons of noted jokes, Universal’s selling debate has finished a good pursuit environment adult a movie’s “Family vs. Frat” conflict. Posters have Rogen holding his child on one side, and Efron holding a red Solo crater on a other. A straightforward, relatable grounds is vicious to comedy success, and Neighbors has it in spades. Meanwhile, clever early reviews advise it’s going to play good entrance off opening weekend: while it would be wrong to design Bridesmaids-level grosses, it’s a protected gamble that Neighbors finishes north of $100 million.

Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return
is a initial recover from pretender distributor Clarius Entertainment, that is formulation to book a charcterised film during over 2,000 locations on May 9th. The animation looks sincerely low-rentakin to Free Birds and The Nut Joband many moviegoers are substantially still disorder from their 2013 outing to Oz. It is during slightest removing a plain selling push, and could be a good choice for relatives with unequivocally immature children.

Meanwhile, Sony is releasing Moms’ Night Out around their TriStar tag on Mother’s Day Weekend. Looking during a filmography of a directors (October Baby) and some of a producers (God’s Not Dead), it’s expected that Moms’ Night Out has some faith-based elements to it; unfortunately, it’s scarcely unfit to tell that from a movie’s print and trailer. Still, it has a clever concentration on family and an appealing expel that includes Patricia Heaton and nation song star Trace Adkins. If Sony puts some selling flesh behind thislike they recently did with Heaven is for Realit could breeze adult doing surprisingly clever business.

Jon Favreau‘s Chef opens in singular recover this weekend as well. The film has an engaging cast, yet early reactions are lukewarm and a initial trailer doesn’t unequivocally offer adult a goods.

May 16

The third weekend of May facilities a lapse of Godzilla, as good as a loyal story ball film Million Dollar Arm. Without a doubt, a large immature lizard is going to order a box bureau this weekend.

is arguably a most-anticipated non-sequel this Summer. There’s copiousness of stretch between it and Roland Emmerich‘s successful-yet-despised 1998 movie, and clever selling seem to have totally eradicated that memory from a common consciousness.

Reeling from a muted domestic opening of final Summer’s Pacific Rim, Warner Bros. has avoided creation Godzilla out to be a beast movie. Instead, a tense, murky selling positions it as a large-scale, big-budget disaster movie, that is a genre that audiences have incited out for again and again.

There is some regard about environment expectations, though: a film itself does have mixed monsters, and false selling can outcome in bad word-of-mouth. Still, Godzilla seems clever adequate to come tighten to relating final Summer’s World War Z ($202.4 million). Also, demeanour for general earnings that are significantly aloft than Pacific Rim‘s $309 million.

Disney seems bullish on Million Dollar Arm, that stars Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm as a sports representative who travels to India to find a cricket actor to spin in to a Major League Baseball pitcher. The film looks like a brew of Moneyball, Slumdog Millionaire and The Blind Side, and early word is strong. Baseball cinema can be a tough sell, though: in a final dual decades, a highest-grossing ball cinema are 42 ($95 million) and Moneyball ($75.6 million). Getting to that operation would make this a plain success, yet that’s distant from a pledge during this point.

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