‘LEGO’ Obliterates ‘3 Days,’ ‘Pompeii’ This Weekend

February 24, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
The LEGO Movie 

 February 23, 2014

For a third weekend in a row, The LEGO Movie simply took initial place during a domestic box office. Meanwhile, 3 Days to Kill and Pompeii both captivated small seductiveness from moviegoers.

The LEGO Movie
fell 37 percent to an estimated $31.5 million. That’s a second-highest third weekend ever for an charcterised film behind Shrek 2 ($37.9 million). Through 17 days a film has warranted $183.2 million, and Warner Bros. recently announced that they are relocating forward with a supplement (currently scheduled for Memorial Day 2017).

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In second place, 3 Days to Kill non-stop to an estimated $12.3 million. That’s a bit reduce than The Family, that was a final partnership between Relativity Media and French writer Luc Besson. It is during slightest a teenager alleviation over new EuropaCorp outings like Colombiana ($10.4 million) and From Paris with Love ($8.2 million).

More so than other Besson productions, 3 Days to Kill seemed like a tighten relations to 2009 strike Taken: both cinema featured an aging supervision user holding out unfamiliar enemies while perplexing to reconnect with his daughter. While Taken had a clear, singular premise, 3 Days was marketed like a customary movement movie. Audiences connected with Liam Neeson‘s onslaught to save his daughter, nonetheless weren’t unequivocally means to deposit in Kevin Costner‘s hunt for scandalous militant “The Jackal.”

3 Days to Kill
‘s assembly was separate uniformly between group and women, and lopsided comparison (80 percent over 25). They awarded a film an underwhelming “B” CinemaScore; in a prolonged run, it should climb past $30 million total.

Big-budget disaster film Pompeii crumbled with an estimated $10 million this weekend. That series is a small fragment of many disaster moviesit’s reduction than half of scandalous explosve Poseidonand is also approach reduce than executive Paul W.S. Anderson‘s Resident Evil movies. It is during slightest a bit aloft than Anderson’s The Three Musketeers ($8.7 million), and is also a teenager alleviation over new 3D CGI-heavy debacles The Legend of Hercules ($8.9 million) and I, Frankenstein ($8.6 million).

The pivotal to offered a large-scale disaster film is to put a concentration on a characters involved: if Titanic was particularly about a falling ship, it wouldn’t have been scarcely as successful. The selling for Pompeii did try to prominence a executive intrigue between Kit Harington and Emily Browning, nonetheless it wound adult being literally overshadowed by a CGI volcano drop (the poster is a good instance of this).

‘s assembly was 52 percent masculine and 62 percent over a age of 30. With a rate during that cinema like this tend to bake out, it’s expected that Pompeii ends adult earning around $25 million during a domestic box office.

In fourth place, Robocop fell 57 percent to $9.4 million. That’s identical to A Good Day to Die Hard, that forsaken 59 percent to $10.2 million on a same weekend final year. Through 12 days, RoboCop has warranted $43.6 million, and now has small possibility of finale adult over $70 million total.

The Monuments Men
dull out a Top Five with $8.1 million. So far, a George Clooney film has grossed a really plain $58 million.

Coming off Valentine’s Day weekend, regretful cinema About Last Night, Endless Love and Winter’s Tale all took large hits. About Last Night plummeted 71 percent to $7.4 million for a new sum of $38.2 million. Endless Love forsaken 68 percent, and has so distant warranted $20.1 million. Finally, Winter’s Tale fell 71 percent, and in a routine it upheld $11 million total.

Opening during 21 locations, Hayao Miyazaki‘s The Wind Rises grossed an estimated $306,000. The Oscar hopeful for Best Animated Feature warranted an “A-” CinemaScore, and expands in to around 450 theaters subsequent weekend.

Finally, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire reached a final miracle this weekend. On Friday, a Lionsgate supplement upheld Pirates of a Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest to turn one of a Top 10 cinema ever during a domestic box office. To date, Catching Fire has warranted $423.6 million, that is a bit forward of a predecessor’s $408 million.

Around-the-World Roundup

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
non-stop to a really considerable $32.7 million in China this weekend. That’s a biggest three-day start ever for Warner Bros., and is adult 74 percent from a initial Hobbit. To date, Smaug has warranted $894 million worldwide; it’s set to strech Japan, a final market, on Friday.

The LEGO Movie continued to do plain business overseas. The film combined $23.1 million, that includes new markets France ($3 million) and Italy ($2.3 million). It’s tip domain was a U.K., where it eased 5 percent to $9.4 million. To date, ‘LEGO’ has warranted $92.5 million overseas, and still has Russia, Japan, Australia and Germany on a way.

While Pompeii got off to a bad start in a U.S., it fared most improved overseas: personification in 37 markets, a 3D disaster film warranted an estimated $22.8 million. It took second place in South Korea with $3.6 million, and was also clever in Russia (though central numbers aren’t nonetheless available). It also did excellent in France ($2.3 million), Brazil ($1.5 million) and Mexico ($1.3 million). In annoy of a plcae and chronological relevance, though, it usually non-stop to $1.4 million in Italy. Pompeii expands via a rest of a universe by June, and should have no problem earning over $100 million overseas.

combined $17.7 million this weekend for a new sum of $100 million. It non-stop in initial place in Brazil (director Jose Padilha‘s local territory) with $3.4 million.

In a second weekend, The Monuments Men warranted $13.6 million. It had plain debuts in Germany ($2.3 million) and Spain ($2 million), nonetheless didn’t have most of an impact in Russia ($1.1 million). So far, a World War II play has brought in $26.4 million overseas.

upheld Despicable Me 2 this weekend, and has now warranted $980 million worldwide. The charcterised prodigy will strech $1 billion before opening in Japan on Mar 15th.

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