‘LEGO Movie’ Set to Crush ‘Pompeii’ This Weekend

February 22, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers

 February 20, 2014

Pompeii and 3 Days to Kill open national this weekend, yet conjunction seems staid to mangle out during a domestic box office. As a result, charcterised strike The LEGO Movie should simply take a tip mark for a third-straight week.

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When Mount Vesuvius suddenly erupted in 79 A.D., it decimated a ancient Roman city of Pompeii. Director Paul W.S. Anderson, best famous for his work on a Resident Evil franchise, brings this disaster to life in Pompeii, that is opening during 2,658 locations this weekend.

Marketing for a film has essentially focused on a disaster, that does demeanour sincerely impressive. Unfortunately, a tellurian component is lacking. While there have been hints during a executive romance, it has for a many partial been overshadowed by a volcano (the poster is a good instance of this). This might be to costume a fact that a film is lacking any genuine star power: Kit Harington has done a name for himself on HBO’s Game of Thrones, yet being partial of an garb on TV doesn’t automatically interpret to heading male standing on a large screen.

The debate has also put an importance on 3D, with a trailer going so distant as to supplement “in 3D” to a pretension card. That could boost grosses a bit, yet a premium-priced tickets didn’t do most to assistance new CGI-heavy cinema The Legend of Hercules or I, Frankenstein.

Sony is doing domestic placement by their TriStar label, yet they have sincerely low exposure: Pompeii was financed by Constantin Film, and FilmDistrict lonesome a selling costs. Based on pre-release tracking, Sony is awaiting $12 to $15 million for a weekend.

At 2,872 locations, 3 Days to Kill is a latest from French writer Luc Besson and his EuropaCorp banner, that has done a unchanging business out of producing mid-budget movement cinema (3 Days cost $28 million). Excluding a dual Taken movies, though, nothing of Besson’s productions have non-stop over $17 million during a U.S. box office.

More so than other Besson movies, 3 Days to Kill does seem cut from a same cloth as Taken. This time around, Kevin Costner fills in for Liam Neeson as an over-the-hill assassin-type who is attempting to reconnect with his daughter. While Taken had a clear, singular hook, though, it’s misleading what’s special about 3 Days to Kill. Instead of focusing on story, a selling element has relied on general movement film tropes. All of this suggests that 3 Days won’t outperform a normal Besson movie; distributor Relativity is awaiting between $11 and $13 million.

Roadside Attractions is releasing In Secret during 266 theaters this weekend. With a light selling pull and bad reviews, this should open good next $1 million.

Hayao Miyazaki‘s The Wind Rises opens during 21 locations on Friday forward of a assuage enlargement (450 theaters) a following week. The Wind Rises has perceived an Academy Award assignment for Best Animated Feature, and is approaching to be Miyazaki’s final movie. All of this is to contend that it should do clever business in arthouse theaters, yet it’s misleading how it will play in a expansion.

Forecast (February 21-23)

1. LEGO Movie – $32.4 million (-35%)
2. Pompeii – $11.6 million
3. Robocop – $11.2 million (-48%)
4. About Last Night – $10.6 million (-59%)
5. Monuments Men – $9.9 million (-36%)
6. 3 Days to Kill – $9 million

Bar for Success

Pompeii is going to make a immeasurable infancy of a income overseas. Still, with a bill of around $100 million, it needs to acquire during slightest $15 million this weekend to equivocate being labeled a bomb. Meanwhile, 3 Days to Kill is in good figure if it can compare Relativity/EuropaCorp’s final collaboration, The Family, that non-stop to $14 million in September.

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