Learning Matters: Taking a float on life’s elective wheel

April 5, 2014 - box office

As unchanging readers competence have noticed, I’ve created a array of columns on school-to-career education. In another part-time job, I’ve also been aiding with an bid to extend and “articulate” career pathways to high-wage, high-growth industries.

Now it’s time to confess we never unequivocally chose a career trail for myself. Rather, my trail given stepping into operative life has been a array of refreshing hikes on a edges of careers.

I’ve enjoyed paid and delinquent work in law, music, education, amicable work and church work, and now journalism. Claiming imagination in no one field, we continue to conclude and simulate on them all, and on a few of a consultant practitioners I’ve met along a way.

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In a review about 40 years ago, my dad’s good crony asked me what we wanted to do when we graduated from college. we told him we wasn’t sure, though we could see myself operative as an analyst, aiding in some critical investigate or other estimable endeavor.

“Don’t we wish to lead a investigate or be in charge?” he asked.

“Not particularly,” we said. we didn’t feel called afterwards or after to be a consultant or a executive. we knew we could be happy as a supporter if a work mattered.

Soon after, we was interviewing for my initial post-college pursuit — after receiving a connoisseur certificate in polite lawsuit — when my interviewer and contingent boss, meaningful a magnanimous repute of my alma mater, asked how we suspicion I’d fit into a organisation that competence not compare my amicable and domestic leanings.

“How would we feel about operative for a organisation that customarily represents a landlord rather than a tenant, a rancher rather than a farmworker?”

“I’ll do fine,” we answered, “as prolonged as we can honour my employer and a work of a firm.”

That’s still among a best answers I’ve ever given to a question, and we mostly lapse to lessons we schooled in that job. we sampled so many arenas (over that people can turn unhappy): family law and all a divorce accounting that goes with it, construction disputes, contracts, farm-labor relations, a ups and downs of fast-food franchises.

I even got to stand by a tuna vessel and register a apparatus onboard to establish what a vessel owners did and did not owe his apparatus supplier.

Most of all we schooled how a trained and dedicated veteran worked, how clients’ calls were always answered — reliably before lunch or during a finish of a day.

I gifted a caring with that he wrote and edited letters and justice documents. we schooled a 3 tools of a suit (the law, what you’re asking, and a papers on that a ask is based), and we saw how a clarity of his suspicion saved time, his clients’ income and valid successful in court. we also schooled how good it felt to be reputable and paid as a valued employee.

Then we married, changed and started a family. My career trail began to follow a lead of a children: into church and children’s music, schools and PTA, surrogate teaching, and eventually into propagandize governance.

There were classes, workshops and a few some-more specialty certificates along a way. we encountered some-more experts, like a shining educational personality and artistic executive of a Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, underneath whose instruction dual of a children have sung.

For some-more than 20 years now, I’ve had a event to observe and learn from her, mostly while volunteering as a chaperone or operation assistant. I’ve seen what it means to offer and design value and beauty, a doctrine germane to all teachers.

The youngest of a 3 children recently likened his initial post-college work practice to a elective circle he enjoyed during Wilson Middle School. I’d contend I’ve been roving an elective circle all my life — or vital out a sign that hangs on a walls of a area facile school, named for John Muir: “The Trail of Learning Never Ends.”

I need to appreciate my husband, whose daily work all these years has authorised me so many elective circle rides and severe hikes, many of all a travel of a mom, now a grandma. I’m looking brazen to trooping along some of a granddaughter’s trails, holding her grandpa with me.

JOYLENE WAGNER is a former member of a Glendale Unified propagandize board. Email her during jkate4400@aol.com.

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