Kevin Hart New Girlfriend Eniko Parrish Slammed By Fans! ‘Ride Along’ Star’s …

June 17, 2014 - box office

Following a unconstrained play between a argumentative dissection of Torrei Hart and her ex-husband Kevin Hart allegedly over new partner Eniko Parrish, a determined indication and singer fires behind with a extensive quote about “class,” with a heading “I’m jus here like this too shall pass!”

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Eniko Parrish is being indicted of ruining a former couple’s marriage, yet according to a famous comedian his now partner has zero to do with a relapse of his matrimony with Torrei Hart.

Despite Parrish’s try to retrieve her reputation, her Instagram comment was shortly swarmed with responses from fans:

“phylsmo Class does not@have affairs with married men. Class has humility, beauty and seeks forgiveness.”

Another Instagram user says, “esss__beee Class don’t nap with married group tho lmao, lady stop”

“cani_xo Lmao.. so apparently kevin cheated on his ex mother with her.. and now she posted this lool.. we shud review a comments! @kingv_____ lmao”

Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart intrigue liaison continues with ex-couple venting out their emotions by Twitter and Instagram.

“Ride Along” star Kevin Hart initial claimed that he and ex-wife Torrei are removing along with any other following their argumentative split, however, it seems like “Atlanta Exes” star Torrei begged to differ, accusing her friend, Eniko Parrish as a home wrecker during her talk with Entertainment Tonight.

“I never lashed out. we never attempted to punch her in a face, even yet I’ve had moments where-trust and believe-I wanted to K.O. her a*s,” as she told ET match Rocsi Diaz. “It does harm that my kids have to be around a lady who pennyless adult a marriage.”

The super star comedian did not find his ex-wife’s comments humorous as he took to Twitter to urge his stream partner claiming:

“My lady has zero to do with my past matrimony problems in any approach figure or form. It’s roughly 7yrs sum of me not being with my Ex.” Followed with a array of Tweets lashing out on his ex adding that Drake was his change in doing it. “P.S. we was listening to “Drake’s” manuscript while we was tweeting all that stuff….lmfao”

To that Torrei was discerning to respond during an disdainful talk with TMZ saying, “Our divorce was finalized dual years ago and we were usually distant 8 months before to a divorce. Despite what Kevin has said, and a time frames he is perplexing to establish, she was his mistress and was one of a reasons that pennyless adult my family.”

This matter was followed with a array of open minute to rebut her ex-husband’s claims about a timeline of their unsuccessful matrimony posting:

“@kevinhart4real has been my biggest impulse I’ve watched him from a commencement he is a hardest operative male we know. But in sequence for people to grow and pullulate infrequently God will force we out of someone’s shadow. The hardest thing we ever had to do was remove my family. But as we reanimate and grow we know because it had to happen. Yes we was damaged during a indicate in my life yet that is usually healthy for someone who’s had to humour what we had to suffer.”

The “Ride Along” star wouldn’t take things sitting down as he fast fires behind replying to a post of his ex-wife on Instagram saying:

“Don’t make your past your priority by regulating your past to conclude your presence!!!!!!”

It seems like a tale is distant from over as Kevin Hart’s new partner Eniko Parrish wants her voice to be listened as well.

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