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May 3, 2014 - box office

May 2, 2014

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (RFD-TV) You would consider a colt from Curlin, a two-time Horse of a Year that warranted some-more than $10 million, would move outrageous bucks. But a Kentucky integrate grabbed that colt for a discount cost since his front feet were incited in.

Ride on Curlin is opposite in some-more ways than customarily one; He will hang his tongue out during you.

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When many paid $200,000 to $500,000 or some-more for yearlings in 2012, Ride on Curlin customarily fetched $25,000.

The Doughertys, of Louisville, are enjoying each notation of a tour — Unless they get too tighten to their esteem horse.

Ride on Curlin is famous for biting. He has even bitten manoeuvre Calvin Borel.

But when he shows his tongue, that is a humorous steer to see, we can squeeze it and he submits.

When Ride on Curlin bites, it’s customarily no shouting matter — Just ask his groom, Bridget Lambert.

“I was walking in front of him. He grabbed me by a hack tail and slammed me to a ground,” she recalled.

Anyone a equine can strech can turn a victim.

“People walking by, not profitable attention, he would strech out and slice their coupler sleeve. One day feathers flew everywhere. It was a crow down jacket,” pronounced a horse’s trainer, Billy Gowan.

Luckily a Dougherty’s daughter, Cookie, had an arm left to make a warning sign.

“Well, Ride on Curlin bit me and my arm incited purple. So my father done me make a pointer for him. It says ‘Caution. Horse bites,'” she said.

His repute for satirical led to a good antic on his owner, Dan Dougherty, during Churchill Downs.

“I had a crony come out to a lane final week and told me a equine bit his ear off. And we suspicion he was totally critical in a text. And we said, ‘Oh my God!’”

“He’ll punch you, and afterwards he’ll hang out his tongue like he’s apologizing to you. He knows he did bad, so he sticks out his tongue, so he knows you’ll play with it,” pronounced Gowan.

“I customarily adore him. He’s like partial of a family,” pronounced Alex, Dougherty’s daughter.

Dougherty’s daughters also feel like family with tutor Bill Gowan’s daughters.

At school, their classmates know a Doughertys have a derby horse, though maybe not most else.

“People come adult to me each day and they are like, ‘Are we roving a horse?’ And I’m like, ‘No, jockeys float a horse,’” Alex said.

They can be forgiven, along with those who didn’t offer some-more for Ride On Curlin dual years ago. “It’s like a lottery,” pronounced Dougherty.

“This knowledge is one time and I’ve pulled my kids out a propagandize a integrate of times. we meant this is a Kentucky Derby,” pronounced Lori Rudder Dougherty.

The Kentucky Derby is Saturday, May 3.

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