‘Jumanji’ Roars This Weekend As Sony’s Fifth-Highest Grossing Title At Domestic BO With $317M+

January 20, 2018 - box office

2nd update, Friday PM: And so Jan starts to ratchet down after a holidays with weekend sheet sales saying an estimated $133.3M, -8% from a year ago.

Some will contend that business is delayed since all a kids returned to school: ComScore shows usually 3% K-12 schools off with another 16% colleges on break. However, let’s not forget that a year ago, Universal/Blumhouse’s Split drew a good 45% underneath 25 crowd, startling us with a fifth best Jan start ever during $40M and legging out to $140M off a $9M prolongation cost.

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No distributor in city could find a identical square of lightening in a bottle this weekend same to that M. Night Shyamalan film, and so we have dual comparison masculine movement films –Alcon/Black Label Media/Warner Bros.’ 12 Strong and STXfilms/Diamond Films’ Den of Thieves — bursting a throng and respectively earning $15.4M and $13.5M in spots 2 and 3 in a Jumanji-ruled universe that is holding a third No. 1 arrange in a quarrel with an estimated $20.8M, -26%.

By Sunday with a using 5 weekend sum of $317.8M,  Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungle becomes Sony’s fifth top film during a domestic B.O. after Spider-Man ($403.7M), Spider-Man 2 ($373.6M), Spider-Man 3 ($336.5M) and Spider-Man: Homecoming ($334.2M). 

But with 12 Strong and Den of Thieives, it’s almost like deja vu all over again: Instead of one comparison man frugal movement title, privately Lionsgate/StudioCanal’s The Commuter ($13.7M opening), we get two. This weekend that Liam Neeson design declines an estimated -47% to 7th place with $7.2M and a sum using cume of $26.2M.

Both 12 Strong and Den of Thieves cost around $30M before PA, and another likeness between a dual is that their categorical studio distributors have small risk: For both Warner Bros. and STXfilms, 12 Strong and Den of Thieves are respectively use deals ,so they’re removing a placement price with their PA backstopped. 12 Strong is assembly a attention expectations, while Den of Thieves is entrance in stronger than a high-single number projection.

Here’s a lowdown with these thrifty-priced movement titles that miss a melodramatic eventuality star like Dwayne Johnson or Tom Cruise: When it comes to such fare’s box bureau openings, a operation is flattering slight and distributors wish for a entrance in a teens, a 3x mixed and an over-conversion of their domestic B.O. during 70% in a home party market. In addition, this genre fire ’em adult is built for a unfamiliar market. They’re assembled to win as many as probable and that’s because we see an contentment of them, i.e. 13 Hours, American Assassin, and The Commuter continually strike a marquee. When it comes to a vital agencies’ indie departments financing and wrapping such low bill product, it’s not the Carols or the Lions of a world which are populating their lists in bulk; it’s these genre titles that typically star Gerard Butler, Nicolas Cage or Jason Statham; ones that offshoot a unfamiliar audience.

Just like Bay’s 13 Hours, 12 Strong saw a large assembly from a nationalistic throng on Friday night with a plain A CinemaScore. 55% males incited out with 79% over 25 per CinemaScore. ComScore/Screen Engine’s PostTrak shows an 81% altogether certain with 57% of a assembly being group over 25. Sixty-three percent of a assembly will suggest a underline instrumentation of Doug Stanton’s Horse Soldiers to their friends. The slim minority of underneath 18ers during 6% gave 12 Strong its best CinemaScore class of A+.  The Chris Hemsworth-Michael Shannon-Michael Pena film could overindex; 13 Hours posted $16.1M in a opening, however that was juiced by MLK weekend dual years ago. Final domestic B.O. was 3.3x it opening during $52.8M. Per RelishMix, Chris Hemsworth is a pic’s amicable media star with tighten to 23M opposite Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and he’s really compelling a post 9/11 Afghanistan fight pic.

Den of Thieves gets a B+ CinemaScore that is improved than Butler’s prior outings of Geostorm, Gods of Egypt (both B-), and only underneath a A- of Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen. Both 12 Strong and Den of Thieves are next improved with audiences in terms of their accepting than film reviewers.  Den of Thieves is right on a income with Butler’s opening for Geostorm (also $13.7M), though again that film was 4x-plus some-more costly than this bank heist picBut with tighten to 63M supporters opposite FB, Twitter and Instagram, it’s 50 Cent who is Den of Thieves social media star. PostTrak shows Men 25+ as a widespread throng here during 43%. The Butler vs Hemsworth conflict for women over 25 is utterly close, respectively 31% to 32%.

Industry estimates for a weekend of Jan. 19-21:

1..) Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungle  (SONY), 3,704 theaters (-145) / $5M Fri (-17%)/3-day: $20.8M (-26%)/Total:$317.8M/ Wk 5

2..) 12 Strong (WB/ALC), 3,002 theaters / $5.7M Fri/3-day: $15.4M /Wk 1

3..) Den of Thieves (STX), 2,432 theaters / $5.4M Fri/3-day: $13.5M /Wk 1

4..) The Post  (FOX/DW), 2,851 theaters (+32) / $3.5M  Fri (-41%) /3-day:$12.4M (-36%)/Total: $45.4M/Wk 5

5..) The Greatest Showman  (FOX), 2,823 theaters (-115) / $3M Fri (-2%) / 3-day: $10.9M (-13%)/Total: $113.3M/Wk 5

6…) Paddington 2 (WB), 3,702 theaters / $1.9M Fri (-23%)/3-day: $8.6M (-22%)/Total: $25.4M/Wk 2

7..) The Commuter (LG), 2,892 theaters / $2M Fri (-55%)/3-day: $7.2M (-47%) /Total: $26.2M/Wk 2

8..) Star Wars: The Last Jedi(DIS), 2,456 theaters (-634)/ $1.7M  Fri (-37%)/3-day: $6.5M  (-45%)/Total:$604.2 M/ Wk 6

9..) Insidious: The Last Key (UNI), 2,546 theaters (-604)/ $1.8M (-48%) Fri/3-day: $5.8M (-54%)/Total: $58.5M/ Wk 3

10..) Forever My Girl (RSA), 1,115 theaters / $1.3M Fri/3-day: $4M /Wk 1

11/12..) Proud Mary (Sony), 2,125 theaters / $1M Fri (-67%)/3-day: $3.5M (-65%)/Total: $16.7M/ Wk 2 

Phantom Thread  (FOC), 896 theaters (+834) / $1.1M  Fri (+210%)/3-day: $3.5M (+204%)/Total: $6.3M/Wk 4

1st update, Friday 7:30AM: For a third weekend in a row, Sony’s Jumanji: Welcome to a Jungle is approaching to container No. 1 in a fifth go-round during a box bureau with $15M-$16M as far-reaching entries 12 Strong from Alcon/Black Label Media/Warner Bros. and Den of Thieves from STXfilms and Diamond Film Productions strike a marquee.

Den of Thieves drew a plain $950K final night in a Thursday night shows and will play during 2,432 locations with an eye during a three-day in a high singular digits. Den of Thieves, directed by Christian Gudegast and starring Gerard Butler is a bank heist film about an chosen section of a LA County Sheriff’s Dept. and California’s many successful bank spoliation organisation as a latter skeleton a clearly unfit heist on a Federal Reserve Bank. Last night’s sheet sales were more than twice of Jamie Foxx’s Sleepless and forward of The Commuter ($700K) and American Assassin ($915K). The final dual cinema non-stop respectively to $13.7M and $14.8M. Den of Thieves was entirely financed by Diamond Film for $30M and a pic reps a placement understanding for STXfilms. The PA will be backstopped by Diamond Film.

12 Strong from producer  Jerry Bruckheimer warranted $900K, that is sync with such fight pic comps as Hacksaw Ridge ($750,000 Thurs, $15.2 FSS) and Michael Bay’s 13 Hours ($925,000 Thurs, $19.2m FSSM). The film formed on Doug Stanton’s book Horse Soldiers about a initial Special Forces group deployed too Afghanistan after 9/11 is approaching to move in $15M. Critics are flattering tough on Den of Thieves, as good as a other comparison masculine choice offering 12 Strong with particular Rotten Tomatoes scores of 36% and 54% Rotten. Black Label Media is a lead banker on this midst $30M-budgeted post 9/11 fight pic with Alcon doing PA by their placement understanding with Warner Bros.

Yesterday Jumanji came in second with $1.57M behind 20th Century Fox/DreamWorks/Participant’s The Post which done $1.7M. But,  of course, it’s a matinees that is approaching to ride Jumanji to a No. 1 take. The Jake Kasdan-directed film has already grossed tighten to $297M and many trust it will finish a run between $350M-$360M. On a high end, that will make Jumanji the third-highest grossing film ever for Sony stateside after Spider-Man ($403.7M) and Spider-Man 2 ($373.6M) — a outrageous win for a Tom Rothman administration during Sony (worldwide, a Dwayne Johnson-Jack Black-Kevin Hart-Karen Gillan pic is during $700M).

The Post is approaching to palliate 45% in a second far-reaching weekend with an estimated $10.6M per attention calculations. The stream using cume for a Steven Spielberg-directed pic is $33M.

Lionsgate/StudioCanal’s The Commuter currently with a initial week of $19M will be down 50% to 55% for a second weekend in a $6M range.  

Paddington 2 from Warner Bros./StudioCanal will be down 40% to 45% in weekend 2 that will also be in a same operation as Commuter.

Screen Gems/Sony’s Proud Mary is not approaching to keep on rolling with a projected 60% decrease in her second weekend with tighten to $4M.




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