Jennerstown Speedway "Ride Along Experience"

August 10, 2014 - box office

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Jennerstown Speedway “Ride Along Experience” – Daily American: Somerset

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<!–Hide Captions – –>


Examples of how we can change a poise on a fly;
Slide horizontal
Slide vertical

Toggle slideshow |
< Toggle carrying outline outward of picture |
Jump to picture by id |
Jump to picture by index



// Initially set opacity on thumbs and add
// additional styling for float outcome on thumbs
var onMouseOutOpacity = 0.67;
$(‘#thumbs-adv ul.thumbs li’).css(‘opacity’, onMouseOutOpacity)
duty () {
$(this).not(‘.selected’).fadeTo(‘fast’, 1.0);
duty () {
$(this).not(‘.selected’).fadeTo(‘fast’, onMouseOutOpacity);

$(document).ready(function() {
// Initialize Advanced Galleriffic Gallery
var galleryAdv = $(‘#gallery-adv’).galleriffic(‘#thumbs-adv’, {
delay: 1000,
numThumbs: 5,
preloadAhead: 10, // Set to -1 to preload all images
enableTopPager: true,
enableBottomPager: true,
imageContainerSel: ‘#slideshow-adv’,
controlsContainerSel: ‘#controls-adv’,
captionContainerSel: ‘#caption-adv’,
loadingContainerSel: ‘#loading-adv’,
renderSSControls: false,
renderNavControls: true,
playLinkText: ‘Play Slideshow’,
pauseLinkText: ‘Pause Slideshow’,
prevLinkText: ‘ Prev’,
nextLinkText: ‘Next ‘,
nextPageLinkText: ‘Next ‘,
prevPageLinkText: ‘ Prev’,
enableHistory: true,
autoStart: false,
onChange: function(prevIndex, nextIndex) {
$(‘#thumbs-adv ul.thumbs’).children()
.eq(prevIndex).fadeTo(‘fast’, onMouseOutOpacity).end()
.eq(nextIndex).fadeTo(‘fast’, 1.0);
onTransitionOut: function(callback) {
$(‘#slideshow-adv, #caption-adv’).fadeOut(‘fast’, callback);
onTransitionIn: function() {
$(‘#slideshow-adv, #caption-adv’).fadeIn(‘fast’);
onPageTransitionOut: function(callback) {
$(‘#thumbs-adv ul.thumbs’).fadeOut(‘fast’, callback);
onPageTransitionIn: function() {
$(‘#thumbs-adv ul.thumbs’).fadeIn(‘fast’);



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