Ice Cube Talks "Ride Along" and "Friday" Sequels, Battling "Chocolate Droppa"

April 16, 2014 - box office

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NWA co-founder Ice Cube still has copiousness of attitude, though currently he saves many it for a cameras. When he’s not terrorizing cans of drink or gripping bad donkey kids in check, he’s on your large shade chasing down a rapist elements he used to swat about. In Jan of this year his latest film “Ride Along” pennyless box bureau annals for a entrance in that month with a $41 Million weekend gross. Thanks to stand-out performances by Cube and co-star Kevin Hart word of mouth helped a film reason a series one mark during a US Box bureau for 3 weeks and has warranted an considerable $149 Million worldwide.

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Produced by Will “Power” Packer and destined by Tim Story, “Ride Along” tells a story of a fast-talking confidence ensure named Ben (Kevin Hart) who wants to introduce to his partner Angela (Tika Sumpter). But her hermit James (Ice Cube) doesn’t approve of a relationship. Making things even worse, Ben wants to be a patrolman and James is a investigator with a APD.  Convinced that Ben is not fit for a badge or his sister, James decides to take Ben out on a float along anticipating to shock him off, though things don’t utterly work out as planned.

“Ride Along” is out on DVD today, so held adult with Ice Cube to speak about a success of a film, skeleton for a supplement and what he thinks of his co-star’s rapping alter-ego.

TUD: You pennyless annals with a opening box bureau of a film. Everyone expects to do good though were we astounded by how well?

Ice Cube: Pleasantly surprised, though not since we didn’t consider we had a plan that could do that. Universal unequivocally put their feet in it. They didn’t reason behind with compelling a film opposite a house to women, all ages, all races. When we do a film it’s [usually] tough to get that kind of subsidy from a studio. They don’t always see it like we see it. [But] It showed in a formula so we wish it’s a doctrine to other studios that they unequivocally need to know what they got and put their feet behind a promotion.

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Thanks to that success they’ve immature illuminated a supplement for 2016. What can we tell us about “Ride along 2″? Will we have submit on a script?

Oh yeah, definitely. It’s gonna be funny. That’s unequivocally a pursuit to make it humorous and make certain a movement is gratifying and incomparable than life. That’s what we doing.

Your automobile got blown adult during a finish of this one. What’s your subsequent float gonna be?

We’ll see. Something sweet. It’s unequivocally about what deals we make with these companies. It’s a hair some-more difficult than usually picking out a flyest caring we wish [laughs].

I remember interviewing we for “The Source Power 30″ years ago and we were removing prepared to do  “XXX.” we asked we what your automobile would be and we pronounced it’ll be something cooler than a GTO. But…

Yeah, we know. The damn executive stranded me with that GTO.

What was your first car?

My initial automobile was a ’69 VW bug. My pops bought it for me for graduation. we desired that thing, too. It was battleship grey…

So we had Trey’s and Furious’ automobile from “Boyz In The Hood”…

Yeah, we consider it was. we haven’t seen that film in a while.

Boyz in a hood VW Bug.jpg

Boyz in a hood VW Bug.jpg

It usually stranded out in my conduct since a colors altered in a film. It was red in a commencement and afterwards blue as Trey grew up. And we don’t usually incidentally paint your automobile blue or red in L.A.

It’s humorous since you’ll know Crips with red cars and Bloods with blue cars. When it comes to cars it’s all about what we like. Especially if we aloft adult in rank. If we one of a OG’s we gonna expostulate whatever tone we wanna drive. It’s funny.

Next year is a 20th anniversary of “Friday.” What stands out about a plan roughly dual decades later?

I was vehement about Friday since it was a pet project. I’d seen so many things about my hood with “Boyz in a Hood” and “Menace To Society” and “South Central” cinema and people suspicion we were vital in Hell itself. So we wanted to uncover we how most fun we had flourishing up, too. So ‘Friday’ was a reverence to how WE looked during a ‘hood and how it was fun to us, not always a nightmare.  So we was vehement to uncover that partial of us and how we grew up. And we knew nobody had that indicate of perspective in Hollywood though me. Wasn’t nobody like me creation movies. we didn’t know everybody was gonna like it, we suspicion it was usually gonna be a cold people.

So what’s adult with a subsequent installment of “Friday”?

Newline, their offer for another “Friday” is a joke. Financially. So that’s where it stands.

You were articulate about How “Friday “represents dual opposite sides of your ‘hood and now we have dual opposite artists like YG and Kendrick Lamar charity dual opposite perspectives on life in your hometown. What do we consider of their music?

I adore what they’re doing. we adore that they paint themselves and a West Coast well. Their opposite perspectives are accurate. The same travel we can have a squad banger and a college connoisseur right subsequent doorway to any other. Everybody gotta opposite story, depending on what was going on around them in their household. They’re both accurate.

Now that you’re between filming can we design new song soon?

I’m in a studio now since we can work and promote. we can’t come from a film set and go right into a studio since something is gonna suffer. we unequivocally won’t be chasing a radio. we do what we feel, what inspires me and be happy with what we get from that.

We were on a set with we guys when we were filming “Ride Along” and Kev told us that his attribute with Chocolate Droppa has done we dual get closer. Have we and Kev’s change ego Chocolate Droppa got in a studio yet?

Man, Chocolate Droppa don’t wanna see me. All them partial time rappers. we don’t wanna hear from Chocolate Droppa. He know we got beef.

“Ride Along” is out on DVD currently so stay tuned to for a possibility to win a giveaway copy!

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