Ice Cube Talks Ride Along, 23 Jump Street and NWA Biopic

July 3, 2014 - box office

Ice Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson) has fake a flattering successful film career given his NWA days.

From his entrance in ‘Boyz n a Hood’ to heading roles in ‘Three Kings’, ‘Barbershop’ and ‘XXX 2’, Ice Cube always brings his A-game, and his latest film ‘Ride Along’ (out now on Blu-ray, Ultraviolet and DVD) was a outrageous box-office smash, commanding a US draft for 3 uninterrupted weeks progressing this year.

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We held adult with a star to speak ‘Ride Along’, ’22 Jump Street’, and a arriving N.W.A biopic.

Ice Cube Talks Ride Along, 23 Jump Street and NWA Biopic

Was Ride Along’s large success in a US a warn or did we know that we had a strike on your hands?

Ice Cube: Yeah, we know, we usually feel it. we knew that me and Kevin [Hart] had a good team. we knew we had a humorous script, a good executive and Universal was unequivocally behind a movie. Universal was unequivocally into creation this a cross-over hit. When we have all a good ingredients, we know it’s gonna be a good film – it’s what people wanna see. People always wanna laugh. Kevin Hart is hot. we stay hot.

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We hear that Ride Along 2 is in a pipeline, what can we design from this?

More laughs, some-more craziness. It’s usually gonna be a genuine good demeanour – we are sharpened it in Miami. It will be bigger and better.

For ‘Jump Street’, can we ask that one do we consider is improved – ’21’ or ‘22 Jump Street’?

[Laughs] we like 22, we know, we consider that one is better.

Why do we consider that is?

Cause we consider people weren’t prepared for series one and we consider they’re prepared for series two. we usually consider series two… we know, once we get all good established, it usually creates for a improved ride.

Do we consider that after ‘22 Jump Street’ there are gonna be any some-more ‘Jump Street’ sequels in a works?

I don’t know. we wish so. It depends on how Jonah [Hill] and Channing [Tatum] feel about entrance behind to it, how a directors feel – Chris [Miller] and Phil [Lord], if they wanna come behind and revisit it. Of course, I’m down.

What can we tell us about a NWA biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’?

Well, we are prepared to go. We got a good cast. F. Gary Gray is a executive and that will be Universal Pictures, so it’s unequivocally gonna have to pull a means and it’s a story I’ve been wanting to tell my whole career, so we am unequivocally vehement about it. You know, my son is personification me in a movie.

Is that kind of uncanny or awesome? How do we feel about it?

I feel intensely unapproachable since he did whatever he indispensable to do to land a role. He worked tough and got it satisfactory and square. That to me is what I’m unequivocally unapproachable of – that he did all a work he indispensable to do to land a part.

Did we pull him toward that instruction or is that something that he usually naturally motionless to go down a track of?

He unequivocally is an hostess by nature. He’s a good rapper and he started behaving years ago. He’s a good book writer. Once he saw this role, he saw that it was something ideal for him to try to pursue. So, over a year ago, he started operative on perplexing to land a purpose and it was a outcome that he was a best male for a job.

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Did George Clooney and David O’Russell unequivocally quarrel on a set of ‘Three Kings’?

No, they didn’t indeed fight. They were about to fight. Boys will be boys. No large deal.

Is it loyal that we were a usually expel member of Three Kings that wasn’t pranked by George Clooney?

Yeah, we consider so. we usually don’t play a antic thing.

What pranks did George Clooney play on everybody else then?

He got a several variety. It was so prolonged ago. we can’t remember all that. we consider he put a H2O hose into Mark Wahlberg’s arm and incited on a ignition and squirted all over him. Or we consider Mark played that on George. It was going behind and forth.

Who would we say, in acting, is someone who we see as an impulse and a muse?

You know, I’ve schooled a lot from everybody that I’ve worked with though we consider Laurence Fishburne has given me that vibe.

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Samuel L Jackson was once famously mistaken for Laurence Fishburne final year and, subsequently, he went to junkets wearing a t-shirt observant “I’m not Laurence Fishburne.” What did we consider of this greeting and, as a associate black actor, has this ever happened to you?

I’m flattering certain it’s no large deal. It happens. we would be like “So what?” I’m meditative it’s unequivocally an emanate with a chairman that’s interviewing we as it unequivocally shows how prepared we are. It’s a thoughtfulness unequivocally on a interviewer, so artists unequivocally don’t have to have any kind of greeting to that since it’s a thing where if we don’t know who we am and we are about to start seeking me questions, your trainer will unequivocally demeanour during we and contend you’re not a right chairman for a job. So, we usually consider it’s a thoughtfulness of a interviewer.

‘Ride Along’ is out now on Blu-ray, Ultraviolet and DVD.

Image credit: Universal/Sony Pictures/Warner Bros.

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