Highway Patrol Ride Along

February 14, 2014 - box office

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Updated: Thursday, Feb 13 2014, 10:41 PM EST
The misfortune of a charge might be over for a area though that doesn’t meant it’s protected to strike a roads, only yet.

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The Highway Patrol is arising a warning tonight, observant a roads might demeanour like they’re behind to normal though looks can be deceiving. 

If you’re meditative about venturing out on a roadways you’ll notice some jelly and snow, though for a many partial things demeanour fine.

Officers contend this can give drivers a fake clarity of security, and only a integrate of hours ago they told us roads are still deliberate dangerous.

Sgt. Craig Harris, NC Highway Patrol, “we suggest people only stay home.”

We strike a highway with Highway Patrol Sergeant Craig Harris to find out because he’s still warning drivers to consider twice before venturing out.

The roads are wet, so a biggest problems are speed and distance.  Sgt. Craig Harris, “not carrying adequate following distance, not carrying adequate time to react.”

If temperatures drop, roads freeze, creation them even some-more dangerous for commuters.

One tip from troopers, don’t follow in those marks we see.  Sgt. Craig Harris, “you can follow those marks just, we know, take it delayed and be clever though uninformed sleet you’re going to get some-more traction on.”  Highway Patrol Ride Along

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