Here’s Everything We Know About A Ride Along Sequel

February 6, 2014 - box office

We approaching Ride Along to be a hit. Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have clever followings, and a friend patrolman regulation has proven to be a bullion cave in a past. (Ask Paul Feig how The Heat did final summer.) But we don’t consider any of us approaching it to approach $100 million in January. Mama surfaced out during $71M in 2013. Mark Wahlberg’s Contraband stalled during $66.5M in 2012. And conjunction are melancholy to launch a film franchise.

Ride Along, however, should propel Hart and Cube into a supplement earlier rather than later. When a film finds an assembly of this size, studios mostly try to see if lightning will strike a same mark twice. Sometimes it works. Too often, it doesn’t.

What do we know about a intensity Ride Along sequel? Quite a lot, actually. Let’s run by a sum and figure out if and when this film competence indeed come together.

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We indeed initial reported on a intensity Ride Along supplement back in Apr 2013… a full 9 months before executive Tim Story’s comedy had even reached a singular theater. Universal executives contingency have unequivocally favourite what they were saying from a chemistry between Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, since they uttered adequate support in a film to contend that a supplement had been “greenlit.” Of course, if Ride Along did Jack Ryan numbers, this supplement would go behind into a special safe Hollywood pot for scent bombs. But Story’s film connected, so a wheels on a supplement should keep turning.

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