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January 17, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers

 January 16, 2014

At a moment of emergence this morning, a nominations were a 86th Academy Awards were announced. Box bureau hits Gravity and American Hustle led a approach with 10 nominations each.

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The 9 Best Picture nominees have warranted a sum $642.1 million so far. In comparison, final year’s 9 nominees had grossed $620.4 million, yet nominations were denounced 6 days earlier.

Gravity is by distant a highest-grossing Best Picture nominee: after environment an Oct opening weekend record with $55.8 million, Alfonso Cuaron‘s space thriller perceived good word-of-mouth and has now reached $256.3 million. Warner Bros. is re-releasing a film in to during slightest 900 locations on Friday.

Captain Phillips and American Hustle are a other dual Best Picture nominees to have warranted over $100 million so far. Captain Phillips was re-released in to 903 theaters on Wednesday, yet a arriving DVD/Blu-ray recover could keep it from adding too many some-more to a box bureau total. On a other hand, American Hustle is entrance off an $8.3 million weekend, and should acquire a lot some-more before a finish of a run.

The Wolf of Wall Street ranks fourth with $80.7 million. The argumentative Martin Scorsese film has been holding well, and it should have no problem removing past $100 million now that it’s perceived 5 Oscar nominations.

12 Years a Slave and Philomena have so distant warranted $39 million and $22.3 million, respectively. Both should advantage a bit from a nominationsPhilomena is now in national release, while 12 Years a Slave will be removing a re-release this weekend. Meanwhile, Dallas Buyers Club has radically finished a run during $16.8 million, and it’s misleading what a enlargement devise is here.

The cinema that mount to benefit a many from their Best Picture nominations are Her (2013) and Nebraska. Her (2013) was a bit unsatisfactory in a national enlargement this past weekend, while Nebraska still hasn’t had a national release. These Best Picture nominations could get some moviegoers to give these dual a second look.

The 86th Academy Awards will be hold on Sunday, Mar 2nd in Hollywood, California. Ellen DeGeneres is hosting for a second time.

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