‘Gang Related’ star Ramon Rodriguez talks one noted ride-along

May 7, 2014 - box office

As if a launch of 24: Live Another Day didn’t have adequate play on a possess Monday night, Fox also used a two-hour premiere to entrance a new trailer for a scripted summer series Gang Related, created by Chris Morgan, author of The Fast and a Furious authorization given Tokyo Drift. (Watch a trailer below.)


Fox’s ‘Gang Related’: See a pivotal art and watch a hide look — EXCLUSIVE

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Ramon Rodriguez (Need for Speed, The Wire) stars as Det. Ryan Lopez, a member of Los Angeles’ chosen Gang Task Force who also has ties to one of a city’s most powerful gangs, the Los Angelicos. Its leader (Cliff Curtis) lifted him as a son and masterminded his entrance into a troops force. “What we finished adult training on a squad side is that it’s impossibly orderly — frightful almost, how orderly it can be,” Rodriguez tells EW. “There are cops, unfortunately, that are active squad members — or who are former squad members — and they’ve been held and kicked out of a department. This happens. Gangs do send their members to a troops to learn plan and plan to exercise when they come back, that is a backstory of my character.”

He did weeks of ride-alongs with a LAPD to investigate a other side of a purpose — a appetite of people who spend many of their time on alert, their clarity of humor, how they respond when something finally happens. “To be honest, a lot of ride-alongs are not that great. There might be one or dual calls on a radio — not a lot — depending on what time we go,” Rodriguez says. But occasionally, we get lucky, which the cops told him he did the day he was roving with a plainclothes detective who was trying to find guys who’d stolen a Mercedes-Benz and some jewelry. “We’re roving in this soccer mom minivan with coloured windows, which is gutted out with shotguns in a back, and all of a sudden, it’s something out of a film — a Mercedes-Benz that we’re looking for literally pulls adult to us on a left. We’re like, ‘That’s weird. Is that indeed a car?’” he remembers. “He calls it in. The patrolman that saw a automobile take off wasn’t unequivocally certain of a year or model. We start following a car, and afterwards we have a black-and-white go to lift it over. That’s when a automobile takes off. That’s when a helicopters come. That’s when 10 other cars come, and it becomes a automobile office into a feet pursuit. we get to a crime stage when they finally held the guys — it was like 30 cops, a large scene. It was all over a news. we was like, ‘Wow. we get a adrenaline of when that happens.’ we got excited, and we didn’t have nothin’ to do with it. we was only in a passenger’s seat. But it was exhilarating.”

Gang Related, co-starring Lost‘s Terry O’Quinn as a Task Force personality and competing father figure, premieres Thursday, May 22, during 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Watch a trailer below:

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