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July 19, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
X-Men: Days of Future Past is Fox’s biggest film of a year with $229 million. 

 July 15, 2014

Thanks to a clever entrance from Dawn of a Planet of a Apes, 20th Century Fox has became a initial studio to pass $1 billion during a domestic box bureau this year.

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The studio crossed a $1 billion symbol on Sunday, that was a 194th day of a year. The final time it took this prolonged for a studio to get there was in 2006, when Disney strike that turn in 215 days.

Fox’s biggest pretension of a year is also now a highest-grossing film of a Summer: by Sunday, X-Men: Days of Future Past has brought in $229.2 million during a domestic box office. While it will expected breeze adult subsequent X-Men: The Last Stand ($234.4 million), it’s still a large transport for a 14-year-old franchise.

Fox has also had a large year in animation, yet nothing of a titles achieved extraordinarily. DreamWorks Animation’s How to Train Your Dragon 2 has brought in $152.3 million, yet is on lane to finish over $40 million reduce than a predecessor. Meanwhile, associate DreamWorks Animation film Mr. Peabody Sherman is jacket adult with only over $111 million, that is hardly aloft than scandalous DreamWorks wave Rise of a Guardians ($103.4 million). Finally, Rio 2 has defended many of a initial Rio‘s audience, yet it’s still down a bit to $129.6 million.

The studio has also had dual female-skewing cinema that have finished clever business. Young-adult instrumentation The Fault in a Stars has warranted $119.6 million so far, while Cameron Diaz comedy The Other Woman has grossed $83.7 million.

The studio hasn’t been a slump overseas, either: their tip 5 titles have total for over $1.3 billion, and Apes is on lane for during slightest $400 million.

Fox’s biggest year ever during a domestic box bureau was 2010, when their cinema warranted a total $1.48 billion (Avatar accounted for over $478 million of that). The studio is probably guaranteed to transcend that this year.

Dawn of a Planet of a Apes
will expected supplement another $150 million or so before a finish of a run. August’s Let’s Be Cops and September’s The Maze Runner could surprise, while David Fincher‘s Gone Girl should be a strike when it opens in October. Kingsman: The Secret Service and charcterised film The Book of Life are both doubt outlines during this point, yet any will make adult for any domestic shortfalls with clever abroad numbers.

DreamWorks Animation’s The Penguins of Madagascar will be a clever choice for family audiences in November; don’t be astounded if this out-grosses How to Train Your Dragon 2. Exodus: Gods and Kings is well-positioned to come tighten to Noah‘s $100 million tally, while Night during a Museum: Secret of a Tomb is also a protected gamble for $100 million (though maybe not during a brief 2014 run).

Ultimately, Fox could breeze adult with around $1.8 billion during a domestic box bureau in 2014.

Warner Bros. and Disney will be a subsequent studios to join a $1 billion domestic club. As of Sunday, Warner Bros. was reduction than $40 million away; during a latest, they’ll get past a symbol on Into The Storm‘s opening weekend (August 8th). Disney needs another $185 million, that it will get from a one-two punch of Planes: Fire Rescue and Guardians of a Galaxy.

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