Forest Grove military to take village members on ‘virtual ride-along’ by …

June 3, 2014 - box office

For those extraordinary about military work, a Forest Grove Police Department is hosting a “virtual ride-along” on Thursday night.

The dialect will use Twitter and Facebook to post, in genuine time, information about incidents occurring on a shift, pronounced Capt. Mike Herb, a Forest Grove military spokesman. Herb pronounced a dialect believes it’s one of a initial to reason a tweet-along in a area.

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If we wish to follow a night’s events, military advise monitoring a department’s Facebook page or Twitter comment on your phone, inscription or computer. Information will be shared, Herb said, from 6:30-10:30 p.m. Police will use a hashtag, #FGPDVRA.

Photos and videos will be posted.

Herb pronounced he listened of a Modesto Police Department in California doing a practical ride-along, and he wanted to move a thought to Forest Grove. He will float in a cruiser with a unit officer, posting as incidents occur.

“Traditionally, ride-alongs offer adults an event to observe a work of a military officer one particular during a time,” Herb pronounced in a news release. “A practical ride-along potentially allows a military dialect to strech hundreds or even thousands of people.”

More than 3,300 people “like” a Forest Grove Police Department page on Facebook. The dialect has some-more than 650 supporters on Twitter.

“This will be a singular event for a open to see a work that military do,” Herb said.

Herb pronounced a ride-along will assistance teach residents about issues in a community. It could assistance them feel some-more connected, he said, and assistance emanate a improved attribute between officers and a community.

“I consider it could indeed be one some-more apparatus in fighting crime,” Herb said.

— Rebecca Woolington

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