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February 3, 2014 - box office

by Ray Subers
That Awkward Moment 

 January 30, 2014

Counterprogramming is a name of a diversion over Super Bowl weekend this year. Both new releasesThat Awkward Moment and Labor Dayare targeted during womanlike audiences that might not be totally consumed by a insanely renouned sporting event. Neither film is staid to unequivocally mangle out, though, and it would be startling if any pretension earns over $15 million this weekend.

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Playing during 2,809 locations, That Awkward Moment could be in a parsimonious competition with Ride Along for initial place. The R-rated regretful comedy is being sole mostly on a likeability of a 3 masculine leads, who have so distant achieved varying levels of fame. Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan have seen their stars arise a bit in a final year interjection to their work in The Spectacular Now and Fruitvale Station; unfortunately, conjunction of those cinema set a box bureau on fire, and it’s doubtful that possibly actor is most of a pull yet.

Zac Efron, on a other hand, has a proven lane record during a box office. So far, Efron has exclusively headlined 3 national releases17 Again, Charlie St. Cloud and The Lucky One. The misfortune among those was Charlie St. Cloud, that started with $12.4 million on a approach to $31.2 million. That Awkward Moment is Efron’s initial vital R-rated movie, nonetheless that shouldn’t be too most of a deterrent; fans of his from a High School Musical epoch should be aged adequate now to buy an R-rated ticket.

Last Summer, FilmDistrict acquired domestic placement rights to a film for $1.5 million (at a time, it was called Are We Officially Dating?). Later in 2013, FilmDistrict joined with Focus Features, and That Awkward Moment outlines a initial recover from a new Focus. The studio executed a targeted debate geared toward younger women; while that’s kept costs low, it also means a film substantially won’t open too high. Still, it should acquire during slightest $10 million this weekend, that is a excellent start for a medium regretful comedy.

Labor Day
, blending from Joyce Maynard’s novel of a same name, opens during 2,584 theaters this weekend. Marketing is essentially focused on a movie’s executive (Jason Reitman) and dual leads (Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin). Unfortunately, a film is off-brand for Reitmanhis prior outings all embody a healthy sip of comedyand Brolin hasn’t unequivocally non-stop a film yet. Winslet, on a other hand, has had medium success with identical fare, nonetheless a pairing with Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio wasn’t adequate to get 2008’s Revolutionary Road past $23 million total.

Labor Day
‘s selling has been geared toward older, some-more perceptive moviegoers. Unfortunately, a film was close out of Oscar consideration, and is removing bad reviews (as of Thursday afternoon, it was hovering around 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Paramount is now awaiting between $6 and $8 million this weekend, that seems like a protected bet.

Forecast (Jan. 31-Feb. 2)
1. That Awkward Moment – $12.1 million
2. Ride Along – $12 million (-44%)
3. The Nut Job – $7.9 million (-35%)
4. Frozen – $7.7 million (-15%)
5. Lone Survivor – $7.3 million (-43%)
6. Labor Day – $7.2 million

Bar for Success

That Awkward Moment and Labor Day are medium moviesboth in bill and in selling costs. As a result, both are in good figure if they get past $10 million this weekend.

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